Elegance and efficiency in extraction by SMEG  


As important as functionality, design and an odor-free environment are vital in a kitchen. The reason? This is a space for culinary creation and sharing, and the work done in this area of the home needs to be pleasing to the senses. 

This is why choosing the right kitchen extractor hood is essential. And here is where the extractor hood KPF36URD by  SMEG is a technological gem that combines elegant design with exceptional performance. 

With its red design and versatility, this appliance will easily be a focal point in any kitchen design, but that’s not its only special feature. We’ll show you just how unique this extractor hood is and why you’ll want it in your home. 

Customized extraction power 

Aside from its red color, which will add a stylish design touch to your kitchen, the SMEG KPF36URD offers exceptional flexibility thanks to its 4 extraction levels. This allows you to adapt the power to the needs of your kitchen at any given time. 

Whether you’re sautéing ingredients at high temperatures or simply simmering, this extractor hood adjusts to provide proper smoke and odor removal. And because the air quality in your kitchen is important to maintaining a clean, healthy environment, this extractor hood features 3 filters that work together for effective air extraction and purification. 

Stainless steel grease filters trap grease particles, while activated carbon filters help remove unwanted odors. This means you can enjoy fresher air while working on your culinary creations. 

A powerful motor 

The performance of a kitchen extractor hood depends largely on the power of its motor, and the KPF36URD doesn’t disappoint in that area. With a 455-watt motor, this device can effectively handle smoke and fume removal even in kitchens with a high level of activity. Besides, this appliance is surprisingly quiet, ensuring that it doesn’t interfere with conversations or the ambiance of your kitchen. 

Also, when it comes to smoke and odor removal, the extraction capacity is key. This SMEG appliance has a maximum free mode extraction capacity of 577.5 CFM (cubic feet per minute). This means it can effectively remove smoke and odors even in large or open kitchens. 

All of the above makes this kitchen extractor hood the perfect combination of elegance and efficiency. This appliance meets all the requirements you are looking for with a sleek design, a powerful and quiet motor, a large extraction capacity, and an advanced filtration system that translates into an outstanding choice for keeping this area of the home fresh and smoke-free. 


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