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If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen this fall, you should consider the current trends. This year, kitchens are moving away from pure white and embracing a diversity of colors and styles. 

Here, we bring you the best seven kitchen ideas based on the trends for the last quarter of 2023, based on valuable feedback from interior design experts. 

1. Bold colors 

This fall, kitchens are embracing intense colors. Blues and greens, along with shades like dark green and terracotta, are taking center stage. Even black has its fans. 

Kitchens no longer avoid color and when it comes to monochromatic spaces, despite being considered a bold choice according to some experts, are no longer as attractive as they used to be. 

2. Soft furniture fronts 

Functionality is key in a kitchen, and this season we see a trend towards smooth fronts. Ease of cleaning is essential, which leads to a preference for smooth and even handle-less furniture, instead of paneled designs. 

So, simplicity and practicality merge in the kitchen cabinets of 2023. 

3. Less is more 


While kitchens tended to be larger until recently, this fall will see a return to simplicity and functionality. Kitchens are becoming simple, yet equally aesthetically pleasing spaces. 

So, following the recommendations of architects and interior designers, you should keep a large island if the space allows it. Otherwise, you can choose other functional options since today the kitchen is a place for socializing and working, not just for preparing food. 

4. Nature in your kitchen 

Natural materials such as wood, stone, and porcelain tiles that mimic wood and marble continue to be a popular choice. Durability and aesthetics make these materials ideal for countertops and cladding. 

Also, the green-pocalypse trend promotes not only the incorporation of plants into the decoration of spaces such as kitchens but a return to organic shapes when it comes to furniture and accessories. 

5. Kitchen + Island = perfection 

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The kitchen island continues to be a dominant trend. As an element that is here to stay, islands should be considered or included if the space allows it. 

Aesthetically pleasing and transformed into the center of the kitchen’s activity, nowadays diverse materials, shapes, and options are available not only to make islands possible even in small spaces but also to make them an integrating element. 

6. Good lighting for any occasion 

Lighting plays an essential role in creating ambiance in the kitchen. Various light sources are essential, and LED lighting is a popular choice. 

Lighting must be adjusted to the time of day to respect the vital cycles, which is possible thanks to the smart technology that has already arrived in the kitchen, which is allowing us to adapt it to our needs while helping us to reduce consumption. 

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7. Wallpaper and functional pantries 

The use of wallpaper in the kitchen, especially in the office area, is more frequent today. Celebrity decorator Asun Antó points out that this trend is very popular in northern European kitchens. In addition, modern kitchens are incorporating functional storage areas for small appliances, ensuring that they are within reach and tidy. 

Whether you’re looking for a bold and colorful style or a more minimalist and natural aesthetic, these trends offer options for all tastes and needs in today’s kitchen design. You may also be interested in reading The Kitchen Trends of 2023 that you won’t want to miss


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