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The fusion of art and architecture is one of the most evident trends in modern construction today. Buildings simulating the sinuous shapes of sculptures and bridges that seem to be taken out of comic books are just a sample of what can be appreciated nowadays.

All the above is explained in detail by Venezuelan architect and professor of design Deira Meléndez. According to her, architecture embraces the design process which, as a sum of its parts, is responsible for developing spaces, places, or cities. “For that reason, currently, architecture is much more human and interactive, since this process is generated through visual, sound, and sensory experiences within the space,” she states.

With a professional career that has led her to create homes and places with unique environments, thanks to what she calls “the wise fusion of art and architecture,” Meléndez has worked as director of design of brand projects, interior design, and art exhibits. She recently began working on the design of a project developing 5 concepts for a French company.

Meléndez assures that a space or building that is well conceived, illuminated, distributed, and properly built, provides the user with harmony, well-being, enthusiasm, stability, energy, serenity, sociability, and productivity. “It is worth having beautiful spaces because they are transformed into sensations. It’s at this point that you can understand that art is part of architecture as a generator of these sensations, since art interacts within the space, thus creating an inseparable and close relationship. “

A symbiotic relationship

In addition to her work as architect, Deira Meléndez is currently working with 5 artists as a consultant and curator of exhibitions, an activity that is benefited from the fact that she is part of the GBG Arts, and this allows her to work in exhibitions in Europe. However, in this area her emblematic project is called “Symbiosis between art and architecture,” where she creates the perfect connection and dialogue, that is transferred into space as a sensory experience.

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At a time when architecture seems to take on new forms and resort to new materials for its creations, Meléndez states that the profession represents the maximum expression of art. “Architecture creates the macro platform, which contains multiple expressions and manifestos in all the ways it can be implemented: dance, poetry, music, paintings, sculptures, engravings, stained glass, ceramics, drawings, photography, and audiovisual media. They all come to life within architecture, since architecture embodies all of them and the architectural project is the stage for their exhibition.”

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Meléndez adds that art and architecture modify behaviors and establish a specific atmosphere in the spaces in which it intervenes, thus generating excellent benefits in terms of human relations, and contributing to create or develop better citizens and better cities.

“I am an all-inclusive architect who faithfully believes in the definition of architecture as the maximum expression of art, which I use as a platform to disseminate the best of what we can currently see around us. I focus on developing executable projects in a simple way through spatial sensations, generating memories. I use art to recreate said experience, designing furniture that is later integrated into the space, thus creating scenarios where I incorporate sculptures as utilitarian objects, applying them indoors and dividing screens to define spaces. I make sure art becomes part of living spaces. I use all kinds of art to turn my projects into unique experiences with plenty of identity and personality.”

Under the influence of technology

It has been said that architecture is the art of projecting and constructing buildings. However, that has changed a lot nowadays, and according to many specialists, the artistic aspect of the architectural fact is being increasingly permeated by technology.

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This statement is fully denied by Deira Meléndez. She states that the scope of architecture goes beyond the construction of structures, the projection of ideas through a drawing, the structural evaluation or structural calculation. “Although today we rely in many ways in software that makes our work easier, this technological support does not overthrow the sublime aspect of architectural design. Architecture is the art of materializing ideas that haven’t been developed so that they can be built. Thanks to it the projects that reveal our lifestyle and needs are possible. Architecture is an art at the service of humanity, because the spectator in the space is the protagonist, since everything is conceived around the individual.”

Architect Meléndez explains that the technological innovations applied to the construction of projects, have contributed to allow architecture to reveal its social potential. In fact, she personally believes that the so-called-3D-printing will be an important incentive for an increase in the merging of art and architecture.

“3D-printing applied to art and architecture represents a breakthrough for the development of models and prototypes. The same allows a massive access to furniture design that completes and consolidates architecture for the masses and modern societies. An example of this are the Vitra and IKEA factories, who invite architects to design high-end furniture and utilitarian objects, making design available to everyone.”

Deira Meléndez explains that the application of 3D-printing has facilitated the production and representation of the visual or plastic language on a large scale and in a short time. “An example of its use is represented by artist Carlos Cruz Diez, who despite being 95-years old, continues to create with the support of technology and reproduction media to make his large-scale and serial projects possible. So, technology is certainly a new ally that will continue to change the history of architecture, opening the same up to new dimensions.”


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