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The first thing we must say about the lagom concept is the fact that it isn’t just something “fashionable” or simply “trendy.” Lagom (which means “just the right amount” in Swedish) goes beyond the meaning of the word. It implies a complete philosophy aimed at looking for balance, simplicity, and moderation.

Hence, lagom isn’t just a trend in decoration, it’s a lifestyle in itself that characterizes Scandinavian countries, which are always among the top places in terms of the World Happiness Report. But, why is everybody talking about it? Why is it applied to decoration? Simple, even though many consider it to be a synonym of austerity, the fact is that the concept refers to being happy with what you already have, inviting us to reduce the consumer habits of today’s society.

At this point, you may be wondering: How can this concept be incorporated into the decoration of a space like the kitchen? Easy. Here are 5 tips that will bring a touch of lagom to that area of your home.

Choosing what is sustainable. The concept itself encompasses an ecological culture and therefore, promotes raising awareness about the mark we leave on the environment. For that reason, the trend invites us to choose sustainable furniture and appliances with low energy consumption. Additionally, a lagom kitchen will have large windows that favor natural light and air currents, which will be combined with warm or light colors that illuminate or cheer-up the space.


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Mixing past and present. One of the interesting keys of the lagom are the combinations to achieve balanced environments. In that sense, this trend is characterized by the mix of new pieces with details reminiscent of something emotional or familiar. So, it will be common to find modern appliances alternating with pieces from different periods in a kitchen based on this Nordic concept (copper pots, black & white images, etc.).

Beauty is a synonym of functionality. The notion of something beautiful but useless is unthinkable in this concept. In a lagom kitchen, it’s important that the different elements and decorative details are attractive and satisfy the required needs at the time. So, the countertops of a lagom kitchen are as easy to clean as they are beautiful, and the decoration and ornaments in general that are integrated to the space must have a specific use that contributes to maintaining the order.


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Reusing and recycling. That old recipe book from your grandmother, the chopping board that your aunt doesn’t use, that solid wood table that no one is using anymore are the elements that would get the attention of any decorator who is clear about the lagom concept. The reason is that the Nordic philosophy states that before getting rid of something and buying something new, you must thoughtfully think about what you already have at home and give it a second chance.

Separating work from pleasure. Another characteristic from lagom is the delimitation of spaces, working hours and the respect for periods of rest and disconnection. Therefore, you don’t work in the space where you eat, and you don’t eat in the space where you work. That means that a kitchen where this concept is present must be an environment for enjoyment, relaxation, and sharing. Open spaces, a well-defined triangle of work and a bar with comfortable chairs are a must in that sense.

These 5 basic keys for this Nordic concept that is the talk of every architecture and decoration magazine can be replicated along the entire home since the idea is as simple as optimizing and balancing to live better.


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