Why should we clean the cooktops so much? To preserve them better.


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Hobs and cooktops are definitely a beautiful choice for kitchens with a modern touch. However, choosing the best one for the kitchen can be a difficult task if you don’t have all the necessary information and especially in terms of its use, maintenance, and the necessary care for its optimal operation.

First, it’s important to be aware that all cooktops, either induction, glass-ceramic, or gas, need maintenance. In general, caring for them is quite simple, but the maintenance must be done regularly if you wish to extend the life of this appliance. In fact, a common recommendation among the different brands is to clean these appliances correctly to reduce the technical maintenance of the equipment.

With that in mind, we have prepared a list of the most common recommendations from the best brands you may already have in your kitchen.

Treat them softly

Induction cooktops need to be treated carefully. Cleaning them with a cloth after every use is the best way to avoid scratches but, of course, it must be done after it has cooled off and always using a soft and neutral soap.


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Gaggenau has several models of this type of cooktop, but the model VI 492, Vario Flex from the 400 series is especially easy to clean. It is a crystal panel with 5 cooking zones that besides having a quick cooling off system, is very resistant. Aside from recommending avoiding abrasive products or sprays over the plate, the brand offers customer service to help the user who needs a surface scraper find the appropriate one.


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On the other hand, the Benchmark® FlexInduction® Anafe, model NITP668UC from Bosch is another great option in the market in terms of induction cooktops. The model offers multiple cooking options and even the possibility to combine two zones in individual heat configurations to cook on the grill, teppanyaki or a griddle plate. This cooktop that uses direct and receptive heat for the whole zone and it’s able to heat the food twice as fast as electric cooktops, only needs to be cleaned with the Cooktop® cleaning cream that will protect the surface and facilitate the removal of stains from water and food.

The brand indicates in the user manual that even though glass ceramic cooktops are very resistant to impact, they are not unbreakable, so they recommend preventing the fall of pans or pots on top of it or using the surface as a chopping board.

In enamel with love

Gas hobs/cooktops generally have an enamel coating. The advantages of this type of cooktop is that they are faster than induction cooktops and, for those who wish to control the heat, they are easier to handle. To keep them always beautiful and preserve its color, Smeg recommends disassembling them every time you clean them to avoid the accumulation of dirt in the burners, using non-metallic sponges, neutral soap, and non-abrasive liquids to remove the grease.


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Also, it is important to remove those products thoroughly before cooking again. In that sense, Smeg offers one of the most aesthetic and easy to care for models: the gas hob from the Cortina line, presented in several colors.
The hob with five burners with adjustable safety valves and electric ignition is part of a line that combines classic with modern elements providing a very original touch to the kitchen.

Thermador also has a great choice in its model Masterpiece® SGSX305FS. This gas cooktop has several attractive features such as 4 fourth generation Star®burners, whose power allows for fast cooking and 1 ExtraLow® burner exclusively to simmer at the lowest temperature available.

In addition to the power and durability that it offers, this stainless-steel appliance is easy to clean. In fact, its famous star-shaped burners can be easily dissembled and cleaned with chlorine-free detergents and a nylon bristle brush. That will guarantee that the power and spread of the flame remain intact.

Regardless of the option you wish to have in your kitchen, always remember to follow closely the recommendations of the manufacturer since that will help you preserve the appliance over time.


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