5 myths and truths about solar panels


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Solar panels have become an important source of energy. Regarding them, there is a whole network of interesting information that we have to learn to discriminate.
Following are the 10 myths and truths about this energy source.


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The great myths
1. High costs. It is believed that the implementation of photovoltaic panels can be very expensive. However, although the initial investment is high, it can be recovered in the first six years of use and its consumption represents the lowest expenditure in terms of energy sources.
2. Not enough labor force. The increasingly demanded implementation of solar panels has resulted in the professionalization of technicians for its installation and maintenance.
3. The need for direct sunlight. As the sun shines for everyone, similarly solar panels are effective even in the most difficult climates, since no matter the intensity of radiation, they always absorb the required energy.
4. Photovoltaic energy is not profitable. Changing electrical energy to solar power means a great cost reduction both in consumption and maintenance, in addition to its multiple uses and the benefits of the panels’ commercialization.
5. Unattractive panels. The industry of solar panels has advanced so much now that architects have already found a way to integrate them into their works with all the grace of a fashion accessory.


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The great truths
1. More safety. Solar energy is much safer than energy from electricity or coal, both for consumers and the environment.
2. Efficient. All domestic or industrial activity can be perfectly covered by solar panels.
3. Clean. The emission of greenhouse gases and other forms of pollution are significantly reduced with the use of solar panels.
4. Easy and comfortable. There are solar panels and solar tiles that require minimum effort to install so they can be used without further difficulty.
5. Durable. Solar panel maintenance is minimal and its replacement rate is the lowest in terms of domestic energy sources.


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