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Dishwashers are appliances that have gone from being a luxury item, to being an essential requirement in kitchens. Their evolution has turned them into practical, economical, and efficient assistants in the modern kitchen.

Currently the most renowned brands -Bosch, Gaggenau, Thermador, and Smeg- offer dishwashers that integrate design and technology, which makes choosing one a very difficult decision. Therefore, we have prepared a list with 7 tips to help you choose the best dishwasher according to the design of your kitchen.

Before or after.
If you already have furniture and want to integrate a dishwasher, it is important to have the precise measurements and choose an appliance with a built-in style, since these adapt to any space that has a water intake nearby. If the case is the opposite, it is advisable to choose one that can be installed near a water intake and a drain. Also, beside it having the capacity to be placed on the floor, it should have the capacity to be covered as to not expose the control panel. And if the idea is to give a touch of style to the kitchen, the Ascenta Black SHE3AR56UC by Bosch is the right one. In a black version that can be fully integrated, it offers style, 4 washing cycles, and the Sanitize option that eliminates bacteria and improves drying results.


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Waste management. A very useful and functional plus in a dishwasher is that, in addition to a self-cleaning filter, you have a waste disposer in your drain. This helps avoid obstructions in the plumbing system and the additional task of rinsing the dishes before doing the service.

Design and materials.
It is very important that the dishwasher can be integrated into the design of the kitchen, so its adaptability is a key feature. In this sense, the devices of the 200 series by Gaggenau are the front-runners. Being fully integrated (24″), these dishwashers also display the beautiful shapes and design of the German brand. In stainless steel and featuring 4 programs with water sensor, two options that allow cleaning and drying dishes in just about one hour, Glasscare technology, noise level of 44 dBA, and ENERGY STAR® certification.

Consumption. Although the price of the most efficient dishwashers is usually higher, it should be seen as an investment. Water and electricity consumption can be quite high if it’s not the best quality, but can be much less than manual washing if it’s properly chosen.

Capacity. It’s not necessary to install a large dishwasher, it’s important to take into account the needs of the user, and the frequent dinners at home, with a bit extra space for a possible celebration. In this sense, the Thermador Panel Ready Topaz (24″) and its Chef’s Tool Drawer® turn your dishwasher into the best example of what excellent capacity means. This system registered by the brand, provides the device with more load capacity. In fact, it has a dedicated area for horizontally placing chef knives, spatulas, and other large tools.


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Noise. These appliances are usually the noisiest in the kitchen; if it’s a small space it’s very convenient to choose those that produce a noise level of less than 50dB. That’s why brands like Smeg, Bosch, Gaggenau, and Thermador have dishwashers with a noise percentage below 50dB and have created systems that make their appliances the quietest on the market.

Special programs. As part of the advantages of the dishwasher, some brands offer certain special programs that can be attractive according to the needs of the consumer, such as a lower consumption of water or heat, control from smartphones, drying at low temperature, and security system. The italian brand Smeg takes care of the consumption of water -something vital in these times- with its orbital washing system, a program that makes its Stainless Steel – STA8614XU, one of its best-selling models. It also features 10 washing cycles including Crystal Washing and Economy Cycle.

We hope we have given you a list to help you choose the dishwasher that your home and family needs.


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