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Small kitchens are always a challenge. However, with plenty of imagination, the right choice of appliances and space optimization, a luxurious area can be created so you can, not only receive your guests, but also prepare dishes that are in no way inferior to the best and broader kitchens you know.

There are simple tips that can help you create the spacious and comfortable effect we all want for the kitchen. Here are 4 of the most important tips to do so:

  • A matter of taste. Color can make a space look larger or smaller depending on how it’s used. Do you need to broaden a space? Use light tones. That has the same effect as illumination. A source of natural light helps create the illusion of a larger space. But when we speak about light colors we are not talking about chromatic monotony at all. If you wish to add color to the kitchen do it with the appliances. The 50’s retro Style line from Smeg, for example, can help you with that. Besides, you can incorporate other details such as paintings in bold colors to create a special atmosphere in the most important area of your home.


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  • Less is more. We all want the biggest kitchen with the most powerful oven. Well, that isn’t precisely a good idea if you have a reduced space. Luckily, brands such as Smeg and Bosch offer the ideal options for that. The ranges of both brands can provide you with both advantages to turn your kitchen into a well-equipped space. An example of this is the HGIP054UC model from Bosch: This gas range (30″) that is fully adaptable for small spaces, comes with 5 burners, oven lights for monitoring, a meat probe and the Star-K Certification. On the other hand, the model C30GGXU from Smeg also has 5 burners (4 of them with the Min-Max option for simmering) and an oven with 3 cooking modes and an “Ever-Clean” enameled oven interior. Now, if you are concerned with having a good refrigerator, the RB472701 model from Gaggenau is a fantastic option. The appliance is fully-integrated, offers an automatic-defrosting function and a very spacious interior area (2 fully-extendable drawers, 3 adjustable bins and 1 door bin). In sum, you can have the three most important appliances without making the kitchen look smaller. Now, if you need to add other appliances try not to exaggerate with the number you choose. Pick truly functional appliances and your kitchen will look spacious and cozy.


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  • Take advantage of what you already have. Another suggestion from the experts in decoration is to use all available surfaces. But, what does that mean? That you must use EVERYTHING. The ceiling and the walls, for example, are key areas to be used when you wish to take advantage of a small kitchen. Consider the walls of your kitchen as a canvas full of possibilities.
  • Create additional storage areas. Doing this implies creativity. Look for furniture with double functions and use the corners. Something that helps is placing simple hooks and shelves to hang and place elements of common/decorative use without compromising the rest of the space. You can also use the area above the refrigerator and the kitchen cabinets.

As you can see, these are simple tips that can be accurately followed adding your personal touch to transform that small kitchen into the heart of your home.


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