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Wine is perhaps the most popular beverage after coffee. Being offered to the gods for centuries, the elixir obtained from the grape ends at the hands of the wine taster after a mythical and traditional process, so it must be treated as such. Certainly, a good wine deserves an exclusive storage, one that includes all the necessary care to maintain the properties of the product.

Keeping wine in underground cellars, protected from light and humidity was the traditional practice for the proper storage of the coveted beverage. Perforated walls with holes to place each bottle, oak barrels covered with hay, an environment isolated from the noise, and the least movement possible are the ideal conditions for the precious liquid to remain intact throughout time.


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An evolved tradition

Since all traditional practices can be affected by space and technology, the new wine tasters can find all kinds of appliances and equipment in the market to keep the best in wine harvest at home. An example of that is the Wine Captain ® Line from U-Line. Wine cabinets can bring to the kitchen or bar all the care of antique cellars in discreet and compact spaces.

A stainless-steel exterior finish that can be customized based on the client’s taste being covered with panels that match the decoration of the home. The proper horizontal storage of almost 40 bottles, stable temperature control, external digital control panel, a new compressor that offers minimum noise and vibration, and a luxury design are some of the advantages that this small home cellar offers to keep your wine in optimal conditions and handy for consumption.

What is the best attribute of these modern cellars or cabinets? The fact that you can choose the model and capacity (15” and 24 bottles, up to 36” and 62 bottles) based on your needs.


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The best for everyone

The richness of wine is in the variety of its vines. As any wine lover knows, not all wines are created equal and each variety requires specific care or treatment.

The products from the brand U-Line can preserve each variety of wine based on its requirements. Their 300 Line allows to regulate the temperature per rack based on the client’s taste, being able to store a white wine, cava or a Cabernet based on the ideal climate for each bottle.

The line has three interesting versions: The 18” 3018WC model (31 bottles), the 24” 3024ZWC model (43 bottles), and the 36” 3036WCWC model (61 bottles), which will allow you to have a cellar or cabinet to match your needs.

Amenities for your guests

As if you were at a luxury hotel room, the 300 Line from U-Line offers deluxe conditions. Internal LED light that turns off after 3 seconds every time the doors close so tannins are not affected. Dark wood racks in different sizes to store all kinds of bottles in a safe manner to avoid them bumping into each other or movements or vibrations that could affect their rest. Modifiable internal distribution, tempered glass doors to avoid external light, and handlebars for right and left-handed people are some of the advantages that U-Line has to offer.
Winemakers can agree that wine is not the easiest of guests; therefore, U-Line has excelled at offering the care and pampering they deserve.


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