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Some still believe that cooking in a microwave is an urban legend. If you are one of them, let us tell you that you’re mistaken. It is an art where the microwave model BEL634GS1 by Bosch can certainly be your best ally. We’ll tell you why.


Although it was seen in the past as an appliance that only served to heat cooked dishes and make popcorn, today we know that the microwave can go much further. The case is that technology, which embraces everything in these times in the kitchen, has incorporated many wonderful perks to the microwave that allow you to cook quickly and safely.


However, to master the art of microwave cooking you must first have a good appliance. And in that sense, the model BEL634GS1 of the 8 series by Bosch is ahead of the competition. (see also BOSCH turns the microwave into the perfect kitchen assistant).



The king of cooking in minutes


The microwave BEL634GS1 by Bosch is a sophisticated appliance. Equipped with the system AutoPilot 10, this microwave can cook your food to perfection. Decide what you want to cook (rice, vegetables, fish, etc.), place it in a microwave-safe container, put it inside the oven, select from the 10 programs of the system the appropriate one for your dish, and… voilà. Your food will be ready to serve.


The AutoPilot system takes care of the cooking mode, duration, and temperature, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. It will even turn off the oven when the dish is ready.


Featuring the distinctive Bosch intuitive control ring, this microwave makes cooking easier than ever. By simply turning the control ring, you can adjust any of the settings. In addition, it works with a TFT control panel with clear text and directly selectable buttons that will make choosing the right program for what you wish to cook a no-brainer.


La Cuisine International

5 Tips by Bosch for microwave cooking

While cooking in a microwave like the Bosch BEL634GS1 is extremely simple, having some tips to achieve perfect cooking is always a good idea. So, below we share 4 recommendations that’ll help you achieve this.


#1. Thickness matters. In a microwave with the power of the BEL634GS1 you can cook fish, meat, vegetables… whatever you want, but yes, you must consider that the cooking time will depend on the thickness of the food. Remember the basic rule in this case: the thinner the food, the faster it’ll be cooked.


If for example, you want to make some delicious potato chips in the microwave, just cut the potato into thin slices, distribute them well at the base of the dish, trying not to pile them up, and sprinkle a little salt and oil over the same. While you won’t be able to do it all at once, you’ll do it so quickly that you’ll be surprised.


#2. Use the grill! This is the function of the microwave that’s wasted, perhaps because not everyone knows that an appliance like the model BEL634GS1 has it. Take advantage of it, because it’ll allow you to cook food in less time on the inside, while it’s brown and crunchy on the outside.


#3. Don’t forget to cover. To keep your microwave free of bad odors you must cook everything using a lid or cover. Along with this recommendation, we remind you how important it is to clean the inside of the appliance after each use and leave it open so that it dries well. Remember that hygiene in the kitchen is a priority. (see also How to clean your microwave model HMV5053U by BOSCH with natural ingredients).


#4. Take advantage of it. Stop seeing the microwave as a food heater or defroster. Use it to prepare anything you can, even as simple as cooked potatoes, roasted apples, or one of those wonderful chocolate muffins that are so trendy on social media. Dare to create! Because an appliance like the model BEL634GS1 from the 8 series by Bosch can give you much more.


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