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True to its slogan, “innovation for life,” the German brand Bosch has turned the usefulness of the microwave oven around to transform it into a real kitchen assistant. How? Well, by incorporating Innowave Maxx technology that allows you to cook faster and more homogeneously with lower energy consumption.

This has also allowed the brand to add features to the microwave and now you will not only heat and defrost, but also be able to prepare meals. So, your prayers have been heard by Bosch.

A very interesting example of the addition of this technology is the microwave BEL634GS1, from the 8 series by Bosch. This microwave with Innowave Maxx Technology – which comes with a grill and glass plate – has 38 cm of height and can be built-in, is made of black glass with stainless steel (inside and outside), which will perfectly fit into any kitchen style.

Programming, roasting and storing

Yes, adding more technology to the useful microwave is fantastic, but transforming it into a real kitchen assistant it’s even better. For this purpose, the BEL634GS1 has a gourmet function that allows you to store 10 recipes, which guarantees you perfect meals in less time.

Also, the automatic program option will allow you to properly choose the power level needed to cook your dish correctly, only introducing the weight of the food.

Roasting in a microwave? Well, yes, now it’s possible. The grill option of the BEL634GS1 will allow you to make the perfect roast in a short time.

How can this be possible? Simple. The grill of this oven can be combined with the powers of the same (360/180/90 W) which will allow you to roast the way you need it.


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Making things easier

Given that Bosch believes that cooking should be a pleasant and simple experience, the brand has provided this new kitchen assistant with a TFT display screen and symbols that will make its operation easy and intuitive.

This 5-power-levels microwave (maximum 900 W) has a capacity of 21 liters, and thanks to the ceramic base it doesn’t need a rotating plate. In addition, it has LED lighting inside that will facilitate the monitoring of cooking in it.

An interesting competitive advantage of this appliance is the electronic programming to stop cooking, which, along with the inverter technology  -that regulates the power in long-lasting processes- make it a unique piece and the assistant that many were praying to have in the kitchen. So, if you’re looking for a microwave, keep an eye on this model.


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