The refrigeration rockstar: Thermador’s T42BT110NS  


Certainly, Thermador’s T42BT110NS refrigerator is the rockstar of kitchen appliances. This refrigerator has become a favorite of both design lovers and foodies. 

The reason is simple. Its storage space along with its special refrigeration drawers and freezing capacity, make this Thermador appliance an effective ally that will keep you away from the questionable kitchen lifehacks that are so popular in TikTok. 

The magic words: Preserving and storing 

It’s time to challenge your routine with the ThermaFlex drawer! This drawer gives you the flexibility to change the temperature depending on your storage needs. 

The preset temperatures include freezer, soft freeze, refrigerator, beverages, meat/fish, deli/cheese, and even cake. 

Two types of ice, one style 

Do you like your beverages on the rocks, or do you prefer a well-served cocktail? With this refrigerator, you have two types of ice in one place. 

From an exclusive Diamond Ice to a new cocktail-sized ice with a unique geometric shape. Besides, this appliance has a dedicated drawer for versatile ice options, perfect for your parties and events. And yes, with an automatic filtered ice maker! 

Well-preserved fruits and vegetables 

The ThermaFresh Pro drawers are not only stylish but also allow you to adjust the temperature and humidity inside to make sure your fruits and vegetables are always at their best. And that’s not all. 

These drawers feature an ethylene absorber that slows down the ripening process, so whatever is stored in it stays fresh longer – a real spa for your fresh produce! 

Adjustable shelves because everything has its place 

Tired of dealing with shelves that don’t fit your needs? With the T42BT110NS, this problem is over. 

In this two-door refrigerator, you can customize your storage space thanks to the divided shelves – say goodbye to clutter and hello to a world organized your way! 

The T42BT110NS refrigerator is a kitchen companion that understands your style and your needs. Dare to freeze the boundaries of design with Thermador’s rockstar! 


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