The future of grills is here thanks to Coyote  


When it comes to taking the art of grilling to the next level, the Coyote C1P36-FS mobile grill is what you need. Designed with a combination of innovative technology and exceptional quality, this grill redefines the entire outdoor cooking experience. 

The Coyote C1P36-FS grill is an appliance that transforms the way grill masters enjoy their art. Integrating digital technology and high-strength materials in a single device means raising the bar when it comes to high-end grills. 

The art of one-touch grilling 

Coyote’s C1P36-FS gives you effortless control with its digital touch control panel, so setting the temperature and monitoring the cooking process is as simple as a touch. 

You can unleash your culinary creativity without restrictions because worrying about burner precision is a thing of the past with this Coyote equipment. 

Details that make a difference 

Excellence is in the details and Coyote’s C1P36-FS grill is proof of it. That’s why this grill is equipped with a double fan, auger, and drip tray. 

The first ensures even heat distribution, eliminating any unnecessary concerns. The other two elements help you keep your cooking space spotless while enjoying roasts and dishes that are perfectly and effortlessly cooked. 

The highest durability with the best protection 

Durability meets elegance in every inch of this equipment. Manufactured with 304 stainless steel, this grill not only stands up to the elements but also adds a touch of modern style to your grilling area. 

Prepare your outdoor meals with the confidence of having a durable and stylish companion. 

Reaching perfection 

The laser-cut grates on this appliance are stylish and ensure heat distribution for perfect results. The Versa-Rack™ system included in this Coyote grill allows you to experiment with different cooking surfaces, from traditional grilling to smoking and browning with amazing ease. 

Also, this Coyote equipment has 3 food temperature probes, and a hopper capacity of 15 pounds, which means this grill has everything you need to be the ultimate grill master. 

Furthermore, we are talking about an appliance with a temperature range from 175°F to 700°F, so you can experiment with any recipe and put your cooking skills to the test. 

Coyote’s Smart Drop™ pellet feed powers the equipment and also fuels your culinary creativity. Forget worries about fuel supply because, with this advanced technology, you only have to concentrate on bringing your most delicious dishes to life. 

And if that wasn’t enough, this appliance is equipped with LED lighting for temperature probes and a built-in timer. All to give you total control over your culinary creations even after dark. So, no more guesswork, just perfect results that will delight your guests. 

In short, Coyote’s C1P36-FS isn’t just a grill, it is an invitation to culinary adventures, a tool that will transform your gatherings into unforgettable moments, and your dishes into masterpieces. Discover the future of outdoor cooking with Coyote and get ready to change your perspective on grilling forever. 


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