Are kitchens closing again? The experts explain this trend 



Trends in kitchen design are taking an unexpected turn. It seems that in 2024 kitchens are opting to become independent from the living or dining room, taking refuge within four walls and adopting a functional and elegant color palette, with white as the undisputed protagonist. 

Is this the new face of kitchens? Are we going back to classic kitchens? We answer all these questions below. 

Avant-garde and elegant 

Some decorators and architects seem to be dusting off the classic concept of the kitchen, and according to some specialized magazines, this is the signature of home decoration in 2024. 

Characterized by avant-garde furnishings, and handle-free appliances with recessed installation, today’s enclosed or independent kitchens blend modernism with classic touches on walls and ceilings. In this kitchen style, the central island covered in marble or granite stands as the stylish and functional epicenter of the room that guards the secrets of the flavors. 

Advantages of independent kitchens 

According to the experts, independent kitchens have several advantages: 

  • Increased privacy. Being separate provides an intimate and private space for cooking, which is especially beneficial for foods that generate strong odors. 
  • Goodbye to odors. By being separated from other spaces there is less spread of odors and smoke throughout the house.  This is an advantage appreciated by many. 
  • Customized design. Being independent, they can be designed according to personal preferences without worrying about their cohesion with the rest of the house.  
  • Safety. Separating the kitchen can prevent accidents by limiting the access of children or pets to the cooking area and appliances. 
  • Less noise. Independence reduces noise, providing a quieter experience in other areas of the home. 

Back to brightness 


Another defining characteristic of this new trend is the return of white and light tones, which stand out for their timelessness and versatility. The clean feeling, the ability to reflect light effectively and the possibility to integrate accessories and appliances of diverse colors and styles make white a popular choice. 

So, in 2024, independent kitchens in light tones are positioned as the preferred choice in interior design, offering elegance, functionality, and a more personal dining experience. If you’re considering a makeover for your home, take this trend into account and explore how independence and a color palette can transform your kitchen into a unique and welcoming space. 


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