The invisible charm of Invisacook cooktops


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What if we make the cooktop invisible? This was certainly the bet Invisacook aimed at with its proposals for transparent induction cooktops and under countertops.


And it’s only logical. Every day open kitchens demand more sophisticated complements to create a perfectly integrated space, so why not have a cooktop that goes unnoticed and has all the technology that these times require?


No, we aren’t kidding. And yes, Invisacook is a brand that is now part of Lacuisineinternational, and offers a very innovative proposal to the most dynamic space in the home.



Invisibility, the new frontier


Just imagine the scene. John (your friend, brother, or business partner) comes with his wife to your house for the first time. You invite them to make themselves comfortable in the best space in the house, your kitchen.


Then, since you have a fabulous central island, you offer them a few drinks while you heat the water for the gnocchi you’ll have for dinner. At this point, John and his wife don’t understand what’s going on. They see you tapping something on your countertop, and a few minutes later they see the steaming water coming out of the pot, and finally, you are adding the gnocchi to the water.


Now, your guests understand that they’re in a futuristic kitchen. A space so integrated that appliances exist, even if they can’t see them.


By integrating your kitchen style with the futuristic technology of Invisacook, the design of the kitchen will defy conventional visual expectations and enhance the space of the central island you wanted to include as an integrating element between the area where food is prepared and where guests usually seat.



Transparent safety


La Cuisine International


Perhaps one of the things that causes most concern when faced with this state-of-the-art appliance is whether it is safe. How can something that you can hardly see be safe? If that’s the way you think, then you’ve nothing to worry about.


Whether you want to install this system in your summer house, your boat, or at home, Invisacook guarantees that you’ll be able to cook safely on one of the most powerful induction cooktops on the market.


This undercounter or over-the-counter cooking system uses the advanced induction technology of Invisacook, which works through your countertop to effectively heat the surface and create a proper cooking space where there doesn’t seem to be one.


And because the Invisacook cooktop doesn’t generate direct heat, you can continue to use the “cooktop space” as a traditional countertop area when you’re not cooking. All you have to do is clean it and that’s it.


Like any other induction cooktop, you’ll be able to regulate the temperatures continuously during the cooking process using the touch control panel and adjust them as you see fit. The system has an independent countdown timer, so there will never be anything left to burn. Also, each element of the cooktop has its own switch that can be turned off when they aren’t being used.


Thus, Invisacook cooktops offer you both precise cooking and easy cleaning, so you’ll have a flawless and perfect kitchen. This means that deciding between functionality or attractive design in your kitchen space will be a thing of the past.


So, what do you say, will you dare to cross this new frontier that brings technology to your kitchen?


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