Liebherr HRB1120: a quiet, smart, and ready-to-integrate refrigerator


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The HRB 1120 by Liebherr is a refrigerator that combines the characteristics of the perfect fresh produce storage appliance for any kitchen. Why? Because not only is it quiet, smart, and ready to be integrated, but also meets the 3 requirements that appliances of this type should have in a modern home:


  1. Energy efficiency.
  2. Better food preservation.
  3. Larger interior space.


Of all the above features, the one that caught your attention is certainly none other than the second one. Yes, the conservation of your groceries is something crucial. Well, this refrigerator by Liebherr will not only provide you with enough space to store your food, but also help you keep it in good condition for longer, thanks to a technological innovation patented by the brand.



The benefits of BioFresh


Making sure its refrigerators keep food fresh has been a challenge met by Liebherr. The BioFresh system included in an appliance like the HRB 1120 guarantees the perfect climate for the long-term freshness of fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.


It is precisely this advanced technology made available to your kitchen that allows the temperature inside the refrigerator to be maintained just above freezing. This makes it possible for each drawer to individually use the ideal humidity (HydroSafes at high humidity or DrySafes at low humidity), which means you have an appliance that provides a versatile storage solution for meats and cheeses, as well as fruits and vegetables.


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Silence, energy efficiency, and more


Having a Liebherr appliance in your kitchen equals having a state-of-the-art appliance, which is a privilege. This type of refrigerator is designed not only to satisfy the needs of its users, but also to provide them with a series of innovations that will make their lives easier and, of course, more aligned with the current requirements in terms of sustainability in the home.


On this last point, this German brand has worked hard in recent years. Its refrigerators are manufactured to produce less energy waste and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as offer solutions that help consumers save energy.


On the other hand, as far as noise is concerned, it’s kept to a minimum in the Liebherr HRB1120, thanks to its speed-controlled compressors. These also provide the appliance with a low peak cooling circuit, which ensures accurate performance, energy efficiency, and SuperQuiet operation.


Now, we must talk about the space you will have at your disposal. The HRB1120 is a refrigeration column with a capacity of 308 liters (perfect for a small family or a couple), which has 8 shelves of which 7 are height adjustable, a space for bottles, 3 BioFresh boxes, an egg tray, and space for cans.


The unit has stylish GlassLine shelves which are scratch-proof, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe. These shelves save space as they are designed for organization and are fully adjustable to fit your needs and the contents of the refrigerator. This unit also features LED lighting for a brighter interior.


As you can see, this is a perfect appliance for everything related to the preservation of fresh food and can be complemented with a NoFrost freezer from the line of appliances to be installed and integrated that Liebherr manufactures so you can have the perfect storage synergy in your kitchen.


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