Falmec’s Spazio: the secret behind an elegant and odor-free kitchen  


A functional kitchen with design elements creates a sense of harmony that can enhance your culinary experience. With that idea in mind, Falmec created Spazio, a state-of-the-art kitchen extractor hood that stands out above the rest. 

With its streamlined design and black lacquered steel finish, this island extractor hood will be an attention-grabbing item in your kitchen. But its appeal is not just aesthetic. Let’s take a closer look at how this extractor hood will transform your kitchen into an exceptional space. 

Spazio by Falmec, more than appearances 

Falmec’s Spazio extractor hood is an elegant solution for kitchens with islands. With a width of 180 cm, this extractor is suspended by extension tubes that provide it with a floating and modern look. 

Its black lacquered steel finish adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen, blending seamlessly with different styles of décor. This extractor hood becomes not only a functional appliance but also a piece that will add an unusual touch to the overall design of your kitchen. 

With an exhaust capacity of 600 m3/h, this extractor hood can effectively eliminate unwanted odors and vapors while you cook. Whether you are cooking several dishes or using techniques that generate a lot of smoke, this extractor hood will keep the air in your kitchen clean and fresh, providing you with a comfortable and pleasant environment. 

What about maintenance and operation? 

Cleaning Falmec’s Spazio extractor hood is a simple task thanks to its removable and washable metal grease filter. This filter traps grease and dirt particles, preventing them from accumulating inside the extractor and in your kitchen. Since it is washable, you can keep it in optimal condition by simply removing and washing it regularly, ensuring optimal performance and prolonging the life of the appliance. 

This model also gives you convenience and full control over its functions. Through its intuitive touch panel, you can adjust the fan speed, turn the LED lights on or off, and use other functions quickly and easily. In addition, it comes with a convenient remote control, allowing you to operate all functions from anywhere in the kitchen. 

And because lighting is essential in the kitchen, this extractor hood is equipped with dimmable LED lighting, giving you the possibility to adjust the light intensity according to your needs. Whether you wish to create a warm and cozy atmosphere or to have better visibility during cooking, this appliance offers you the right lighting for every occasion. 

As the cherry on top, the structure of this extractor hood includes a USB port and support so you can connect to your favorite cooking program with your tablet or smartphone while cooking. 

As you can see, this appliance is much more than a simple fume and odor extractor. Its aerial and sophisticated design, powerful extractor capacity, washable grease filter, and electronic operation with remote control make it a functional item for your kitchen. If you are looking for an extractor hood that stands out both in terms of performance and aesthetics, Falmec’s Spazio is what you need. 


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