Bradbury Works: The new vision of coworking  


In the heart of London’s Dalston neighborhood stands a renovated building that has been transformed into one of the most unique and community-focused coworking spaces of the capital: Bradbury Works. The work done by the architectural firm [Y/N] Studio is an affordable coworking space that has recently reopened its doors, bringing new life to new and old tenants. 

But what is this renovation all about? Keep reading to find out. 

Dusting off  

Dalston has become the cool new area of London, and as a result, Bradbury Works is a key architectural piece in a renovated environment. 

The L-shaped building offers panoramic views of Gillett Square to the north and Bradbury Street to the south. What once was an office building has mutated into an active community center thanks to Hackney Co-operative Developments, a non-profit general community company, which provides affordable workspace for local businesses. 

The renovation of Bradbury Works has been a masterful project because [Y/N] Studio gave new life to 600 square meters by transforming them into areas with different purposes. 

The architectural solution proposed by [Y/N] Studio wrapped the existing brick terrace building with a lightweight, insulating polycarbonate cladding. This cladding added a contemporary industrial look, highlighting the unique character of this coworking space. 

A key cladding 

The homogeneous polycarbonate façade that covers the building is a key element in the design. This lightweight, reflective skin creates a unique and striking appearance while allowing the white-painted brick façade and terrace to remain visible from the exterior. 

During the day, the cladding reflects the changing colors of the sky and the surrounding environment, while at night it is illuminated to reveal the building’s internal activities. 

Today, Bradbury Works comprises a total of 1,100 square meters of affordable workspace, which has been carefully renovated. Also, a two-story extension has been added, providing another 500 square meters of workspace. With the addition of this extension, 10 previous commercial units were replaced, bringing new life and purpose to this part of the community. 

Versatility inside and out 

One of the most striking features of Bradbury Works is the versatility of its spaces. The project consists of a flexible and customizable architectural environment for a variety of businesses that includes diverse areas such as large units with private mezzanines under leaning roofs to 10-square-meter commercial areas that feature fully open glass facades. 

Bradbury Works is much more than a renovated coworking space. It is a smart, and carefully planned architectural vision that combines the community’s history with a contemporary aesthetic. 

Its versatile design, commitment to the local community, and focus on sustainability make it an affordable and attractive workspace for local businesses and entrepreneurs. Bradbury Works has arrived to redefine coworking in London, creating an inspiring space that drives collaboration and innovation in the heart of Dalston. 


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