The art of wine preservation according to Liebherr  


If you love wine, you are aware of the importance of storing your precious bottles in optimal conditions, so the wine cooler Liebherr HW8000 can be your perfect ally. This built-in wine cooler offers a combination of advanced technology and elegant design, providing an ideal environment to preserve and enjoy your favorite wines. 

But how does the Liebherr HW8000 wine cooler ensure that every sip is an exceptional experience? Below we explain how. 

A wine cooler with everything your wines need  

This Liebherr wine cooler is a large-capacity appliance. Measuring 177 cm high, 55.7 cm wide, and 55.3 cm deep, this unit is designed to be perfectly integrated into your kitchen or bar space. Also, its capacity of up to 254L (80 bottles), allows you to store an impressive collection of wines, whether red, white, or sparkling, with the peace of mind that they will be in a controlled environment and ready to enjoy. 

This wine cooler is manufactured to ensure the preservation of the internal cool environment, which is essential to maintain the quality of your wines. With the DoorAlarm function, the alarm will go on if the door is left open for more than 60 seconds, so you can close it and preserve your bottles. 

Perfect temperature and preservation  

Each type of wine has its ideal storage temperature, and Liebherr takes this into account, including 2 temperature zones in this wine cooler. 

These temperature zones will allow you to organize your wine collection according to your needs to keep your bottles ready to be served at their exact tasting point. 

The taste of wine can be negatively affected by outside odors, such as those coming from other foods or products in the kitchen. To ensure that your wines remain free of unwanted odors, this wine cooler is equipped with a built-in carbon filter. This filter plays a key role in preserving organoleptic properties (color, aroma, flavor), ensuring that each bottle offers its unique sensory profile when tasted. 

The Liebherr HW8000 wine cooler is a must-have investment for wine lovers who want to keep their wine collection in optimal storage conditions with the quality they deserve. 


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