A digital grill, the last frontier of Coyote for barbecue lovers


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A digital grill? Well, yes. Coyote, the leading brand in outdoor cooking has reached the last frontier when it comes to this type of appliance to take Sunday barbecues to the next level.


The Pellet Freestanding Grill C1P28-FS by Coyote is certainly a complete appliance. This 28″ grill is all you’ll need in a single device. Built in 304-stainless -steel, with a spring-assisted hood, it introduces intuitive digital touch control to the traditional world of “grills” to ensure that the heat inside the grill is optimal.


With Pellet, Coyote paves the way to the next generation of outdoor kitchens with all that implies: elegant design, versatility, and superior functionality in this range of appliances. That is, you’ll have all the modernism and technology offered by the range inside your house, now in the grill of your backyard.



When the digital and green aspects meet with steel

At this point, you may be wondering: How much can the use of a grill change when it’s digitally controlled? The answer is simple: the heat management in the appliance changes completely.


Thanks to its state-of-the-art digital touchscreen, the Pellet Freestanding Grill C1P28-FS by Coyote can be used as an indoor oven. This means that you’ll be able to control the different uniform heat settings that the equipment offers in just one click.


Another important feature of this appliance is the fact that’s fully made in 304-stainless-steel. The reason behind it is that the nickel content in this stainless-steel gradation provides greater corrosion resistance, making this grill perfect for all climates, even those with coastal air.


And while the 304 is also one of the most expensive stainless-steel grades, out of all the pellet grills on the market, this model by Coyote has the best price as it’s the equipment that offers the greatest durability and resistance of its kind. And that means that the cost-benefit ratio is basically perfect.


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Other key advantages of the Coyote Pellet Grill

Another important advantage offered by the Coyote Pellet Freestanding Grill C1P28-FS is the temperature range it can handle: from 175 to 700 degrees. This means that you’ll be able to both cook/smoke your meats over low heat and also brown them at high temperature. And if we add the fact that that this grill comes with the Versa-Rack system™, which offers you multiple cooking surfaces, then you’ll have at home the best ally you could wish for, especially when you have guests with diverse tastes.


Additionally, the appliance comes with interior lighting which ensures you can roast or cook properly, even when the light is scarce.


And in terms of pellets, you have nothing to worry about. The appliance is compatible with any type of pellets and to guarantee the highest quality user experience Coyote added to this grill a pellet feeding system and a front-loading hopper that allows it to store up to 12 pounds.


As if that wasn’t enough, this grill comes with built-in timer and wind guard, 3 food temperature probes, individual smoke & sear grate, and electric power ignition (120V; 5A; 60Hz). So don’t wait until Christmas to have the grill you want if it’s already in front of you (you can also read  How to choose the perfect grill in 4 acts).


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