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Summer is around the corner, and we already feel the call of the sun, the outdoors, and the grill. But, that faithful appliance that takes us out of the house and invites us to enjoy cooking outdoors, needs some basic care that allows it to extend its useful life.


Regardless of the type of grill you have at home, one that works with coal or pellets, electricity, or gas, taking care of this ally of your Sunday barbecues, has its science. That’s why we prepared a list of 6 recommendations that’ll help you extend the life of that appliance that makes your family so happy.


Recommendation #1. Put safety above everything else

Before using the grill, check that everything is in order. If you have a gas or electric grill, this recommendation is of the utmost importance. Make sure that all the components of the system are in good condition to prevent potential accidents.


Something that seems silly but it’s essential is the fact that your appliance comes with a user manual that you shouldn’t throw into the trash can. You must read it to find tips and even solutions that will help you, among other things, to keep your grill in good shape.


Recommendation #2. Don’t  forget that outdoor grills are supposed to be used outdoors

Take this recommendation very seriously especially if you have a gas or coal/pellet grill. These should be used exclusively in open and well-ventilated spaces. Grills can release carbon monoxide, so being in open spaces is important.


Recommendation #3. Control the temperature

This is fundamental. Controlling the temperature of the flame is the secret of a good roast or barbecue.


Another important recommendation in this regard is to never cook with the lid down when you have a high flame. Avoid accidents.


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Recommendation #4. Honor the cleaning and maintenance of your appliance

An indispensable practice is to remove the remains of food and fat that are stuck after the use of the grill. This not only safeguards your health (against possible contamination) but also guarantees the quality and taste of the food you’ll cook in the future.


Additionally, cleaning the device after it’s used reduces the possibility that the grease attached can cause a fire. It’s also important to do the periodic maintenance of all surfaces of the grill, especially if you haven’t used it for a while.


Another point as essential as washing the grids and the cooking area of the appliance is to clean the accessories with plenty of soap and water, dry them well, and then store them in a dry place.


Recommendation #5. Monitor the burners

A burner that works properly offers a blue flame with a small yellow tip. But if the flame is mostly yellow, it could be indicating a problem. If this happens, cut off the gas immediately and check and clean the burner.


Recommendation #6. Never forget the drip tray

Having a neat drip tray will prevent accidents and ensure that your cooking is healthy because you’ll have an appliance free of possible bacteria colonies.


So, if you follow these simple recommendations, you and your family will be able to continue enjoying those tasty roasts and barbecues that your ally the grill usually provides.


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