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Countertops have a very particular effect in kitchens. That is why choosing the perfect countertop is fundamental because it adds personality, color, and, believe it or not, even light to this area of the home.


Experts in interior design and decoration assure that, regardless of your budget,  the textures, colors, and even materials of the countertops will always depend on the harmony you want to achieve with the surrounding environment. That is, the tone of the countertop can generate a dramatic atmosphere in your kitchen or even highlight the style you chose for it.


It seems a bit complex, right? Don’t worry, at La Cuisine International we have prepared a list of examples that will help you choose the best countertop for your kitchen, so read on.



A sophisticated kitchen

The combination of a kitchen with matte white cabinets and a countertop with marble finishes will add a chic touch to your home. If the marble in question is also mainly light in terms of color (white), it will illuminate the space, impressing your guests.



A modern and elegant kitchen

Sober-colored cabinets have gained popularity for quite some time. The dark blue tone is perhaps one of the most popular choices since it gives a modern and elegant flair, but -according to experts- it reduces the illumination.


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The solution? A white countertop with a glossy finish. In this way, the light absorbed by the furniture will be multiplied thanks to the effect on the countertop’s surface. A good tip to generate more luminosity is to use the same material in the backsplashes.



A contemporary kitchen

Wood is a classic that never goes out of style in the kitchen. That is why the most contemporary versions of these spaces include wood in cabinets and floors.


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But what countertop color would suit this noble material? Well, one that highlights its warmth: gray or black. Both colors can give the space a very elegant touch, as long as the wood is not too dark. In that case, interior decorators and designers recommend choosing countertops with lighter tones that create a contrast.



Wood countertop kitchen


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Although they are not so common, wood countertops have become a trend, especially due to the idea of going back to nature. The options in this sense are wonderful and the aesthetics that they manage to create are simply magazine-worthy.


This type of countertop is a favorite in rustic homes. But if you want something different and unique, this is an option that you should keep in mind.


The color or darkness of the wood will depend on the tone of your furniture. This means that the lighter the cabinets, the darker the wood you use for the countertop.



The classic black and white kitchen

Black and white is a foolproof combination that is starting to be seen a lot in the kitchens of 2022. Here the choice is simple: Black shelves, white countertops, or vice versa. The magic wand of creation is in your hands.


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But regardless of the style you choose, the result will be a modern, luminous and timeless kitchen. In both options, the details (handles, plants, color of the walls, shape of the floors, etc.) will be your accomplices in the manifestation of an atmosphere that will leave your guests speechless.


So here you’ve some ideas that can guide you to make the most suitable choice. However, our recommendation is always to consult with the experts before choosing as they can give you interesting and valuable options in terms of materials, tones, and prices.


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