Alaska Moose: a natural observatory with the perspective of an animal


Alaska Moose
© Thilina Liyanage


The Alaska Moose Observation Deck is an unusual observatory that allows nature lovers to see everything from the antlers of a moose. The colossal wooden structure is a concept created by Sri Lankan designer, Thilina Liyanage.


The building, which at first glance evokes the mythical Trojan horse, certainly has a commendable function: to bring humans closer to the heart of the forest. Liyanage was inspired by a subspecies of moose that populates Alaska and western Yukon to create this structure.


Every detail in this observation deck has been meticulously thought out for the enjoyment of an outdoor experience. Liyanage considered the substantial experience of open spaces when creating Alaska Moose, which is why this is a ventilated building that allows the entrance of the scent of the forest and natural light in the mornings, while the cool wind and the bright stars in the sky can be enjoyed in the evenings.


Completely safe

One of the things Liyanage was most concerned about in this breathtaking design was providing total safety, especially at the top of the platform. That is why the upper deck is supported by vertical wooden pillars that rise together as they bend and curve around the upper space.


Also, this surface has double enclosures that guarantee the safety of everyone who steps on the deck and enjoys the scenery or the sunset at dusk.


This observation deck has a single ascending staircase that branches out on the top floor, and it can comfortably accommodate 10 people on each side. While the overall design may not seem stable enough, it is securely held in place by a set of steel cables that hold it to the ground like a huge tent.


Alaska Moose
© Thilina Liyanage


Can it become a reality?

Liyanage’s creation, like many of her other works, is predominantly based on wood. Wood provides the perfect set of physical properties for her organic designs.


This material that is easy to shape, sand, finish, and join to create any curvilinear form is perfectly suited for Liyanage’s biomimetic design vision. Besides, as she says, the wood is well-treated and polished, and using it in its wonderful natural finish avoids the need for paint, which in turn helps the environment.


While for now, the Alask Moose Observation Deck is an ingenious concept for the construction of a natural observation deck, it is an idea that seeks to pamper nature lovers with the gift of the designer’s creativity. At the moment there is no indication that this beautifully crafted installation will leave the realm of blueprints, however, this cannot be ruled out.


The Alaska Moose Observation Deck is a vision that is framed in the commitment to the healthy interaction of human beings with the surrounding nature, something in which many construction companies, governments, and tourism developers are currently investing in.


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