Why the refrigerators made by Liebherr are the stars of a renovation project?


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When it comes to renovating the kitchen, the first element to consider is the refrigerator. This safekeeper of our food certainly holds a place of honor. For this reason, experts in the field indicate that the same should not only have a leading place in the kitchen, but also the same should be chosen based on the style of the kitchen and the needs of those who live at home.

In this sense, brands such as Liebherr are ahead in terms of the needs of users and designers creating refrigeration options that fit perfectly into any scenario. Minimalist, industrial, rustic-chic, and even for environments where history plays a fundamental role, the vision of Liebherr that manufactures timeless refrigerators of simple lines and cutting-edge technology has certainly succeeded.

Why? Simple. Being at the forefront of design and technology in refrigeration, this German brand offers refrigeration options of several dimensions that are suitable for any level of integration. From independent stainless-steel units that allow you to create a modern, sophisticated look thanks to the depth dimensions of your cabinets, to full integration, the brand has thought of everything.


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3 tips from the experts

With so much knowledge about refrigeration in their background, Liebherr shares 3 important tips to choose and find a location for a refrigerator in a kitchen to be renovated.

1. Think about the space. This refers both to the space that the refrigerator will occupy and the overall size of the kitchen.

a. In this sense, remember that the refrigerator should NEVER be placed next to a source of heat -oven, cooktop or radiator. Constant heat can reduce the energy efficiency of the refrigerator and reduce its useful life.
b. The refrigerator must be proportional to the dimensions of your kitchen and the number of people who live in the home.
c. Remember that the refrigerator needs enough ventilation, both above and below. If this is not the case, hot air will accumulate, and you will have a problem with the compressor in the long-run. Therefore, a ventilation space of at least 200 cm² must be included. IMPORTANT: The greater the ventilation space, the greater the energy efficiency of the appliance and its useful life.

2. Make your life easier. Locate the area to place and prepare food next to the refrigerator. This will reduce the number of times the refrigerator door is opened and closed and therefore the cold will be preserved. Also, this will facilitate the process of putting away your groceries.

3. Choose the one that best suits you. It may seem like a simple detail but choosing the perfect refrigerator for your home is not that simple. For this reason, Liebherr provides important data for the proper selection of the same:

a. For households with one or two people, choose a refrigerator with a net capacity close to 70 to 100 liters. In the case of households with three or more people, add another 40 to 50 liters per additional person.
b. Consider having a freezer. This is especially important for households with large families. Liebherr states that if small or medium quantities of frozen food are usually stored, a freezer with a net capacity of 50 to 80 liters will be enough. But, if you keep large amounts of frozen food in your home for longer periods of time, consider one where you can store approximately 130 liters per person.


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A matter of style

Today, when “vintage” is a relevant trend and can be present even in the kitchen, choosing a refrigerator that does not clash with the style of your home is fundamental.

Integrating a Liebherr refrigerator into a vintage or historic environment is not a headache. As clever as they are, the brand offers the possibility to personalize the doors of your refrigerator in order to integrate the appliance into your style. Thus, a luxury refrigerator with great capacity can be located behind one of the doors of your kitchen, without its modernism and technology defying the orchestral composition of a kitchen with an old-fashion touch.

All these features will not only allow you to maintain the energy saving level provided by a refrigerator with an Energy Star® rating such as the Liebherr units, but also will keep you from spending money on renovations or adjustments for old appliances.

Keep in mind that the refrigerator is the main star in the renovation of your kitchen, so follow these recommendations and create a space that is worth having in a movie, around this useful leading character.


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