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The purpose of a coffee machine is to make and serve the best coffee and the brand Jura is focused on developing the technology to find the perfect process for each type of coffee. It seems obvious, but this is precisely what sets Jura apart from other brands of coffee machines: the attention to the processes, from the grinding of the bean to the cup.

And this dedication to the process, along with an elegant design, new standards for a simpler operation, a practical cleaning system and the widest variety of beverages, come together in a product capable of bringing to your home or office, a coffee worthy of the best coffee shops in the world: the  E8 coffee machine by Jura.


A sequence of innovations

 Jura has perfected the grinding process of the bean, developing the mechanism called Aroma. The same is based on six stages that begin with grinding, at the time the beverage is required, the exact amount of beans that each variety of coffee needs. This guarantees that the infusion has the maximum intensity of a freshly ground coffee.

Coffee extraction takes place in cycles under the new Pulse Extraction Process P.E.P., which consists of introducing water, at the precise temperature and pressure, at intervals corresponding to each preparation. So the concentration needed for an  espresso will be different from that of a cappuccino, as well as the intensity of its aroma.

The E8 coffee machine by Jura offers eight levels of intensity to adapt the result of its preparations to every taste. A personalized luxury designed to please the most diverse palates.


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Maximum purity

Although you might think that the most important thing is the coffee bean, the purity of the water deserves the same attention to achieve a coffee of the highest quality. That’s why the E8 coffee machine by Jura includes -in its design- CLEARYL water filters that remove from the water any metal or chlorine residues that can affect the smell or taste of your beverages, while they also retain any impurities that generate calcifications in the coffee machine, clogging the hoses to serve your coffee.

But CLEARYL filters don’t work alone, the E8 also has the integrated Intelligent Water System IWS that works as a smart water intake system so the filters work to their full potential.


Being in control is now easier

To make the operation of the coffee machine even easier, Jura incorporated four buttons at the front of the panel, with direct access to the most requested beverages: espresso, cappuccino, milk foam and regular coffee. So you no longer have to modify the settings if you want to enjoy the most popular varieties of coffee.

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In terms of its capacity, the coffee machine is designed to serve two cups at the same time, and comes with a container to keep up to 280 grams of coffee beans with a protective cover to keep them always fresh, and a container for 1.9 liters of filtered water, so the appliance can be loaded for a long time.


One-step cleaning

If you need one more reason to fall in love with the E8 coffee machine by Jura, here it’s: the washing and rinsing programs are integrated and can be activated with the touch of a button, so keeping the machine in an optimal state won’t be a problem. On the other hand, the milk output is dishwasher safe and easily removable, so milk bacteria won’t be a concern either.

There you have it, all the advantages of a state-of-the-art coffee machine with the elegance and sophistication that characterize a brand that is already a tradition in the barista culture.


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