The 5 ingredients to return the seasoning to your kitchen


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If you already feel that the kitchen has lost its “flavor and seasoning” and you don’t feel motivated to enjoy what should be the most important and fun space in the house, perhaps it’s time to add a few ingredients and recover the desire to spend long hours preparing delicious dishes or enjoying with your guests.

We are not talking about garlic, cumin, or bay leaves. We mean adding touches of color, changing how the elements, lighting or a focal design point are arranged so that, just as spices do with food, you are able to restore life and shine to the kitchen. Here, we present five ideas to revamp the heart of the home.

All we need is green

Bay leaves, coriander, basil, oregano, parsley, thyme, spearmint… it’s time for them to come out of the cabinets to add color and aroma to the kitchen. Homemade orchards are trendy nowadays and aside from guaranteeing an incredible taste for your meals, plants will give the kitchen that touch of freshness and life that is always necessary.

The space available doesn’t have to be a limitation. Plants will always be an excellent resource placed in a window’s frame or hung on the wall. All you need is a window with natural light and pots in colors that are vibrant or match the decoration. And if their maintenance seems complicated to you, succulents, cactuses, or any other plant that requires little care can be an option.

Wallpapers to suit your taste

The main decoration firms already offer wallpapers specially designed for kitchens with a finish suitable to withstand the high maintenance of the place. The options are many and must suit your taste: floral prints, abstract designs, flat colors, with or without textures, designs imitating mosaics, stones, or tiles. The truth is that they can be an excellent option to give color and personality to a main wall to transform the environment completely without having to incur in any works, renovations, or large investments.


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A new layer

Years ago, thinking about changing the floor of any area of the house involved design, renovations, a lot of work, debris and of course, a big budget. Evolution brought vinyl and with them the ease of renovating the floors of any space with little or no trouble.

Vinyl flooring works almost the same as wallpaper. It offers good quality and strength and can emulate other more delicate materials such as parquet. Placing a new vinyl floor can modernize and facilitate the cleaning process. The finishes go according to taste and include textures or not. This is certainly an exceptionally good solution to achieve a radical change.

A hint of light

Lighting is a particularly important element in the kitchen. Since the kitchen is a work area, it’s important that the illumination in it is effective and well located, but in addition to the utilitarian sense, light is also a decorative element that can renew the space.

Whether it’s a central lamp with personality or choosing recessed lighting, change is the important factor here. In any case, the trend is to illuminate floors, corners, or countertops. Even inside the cabinets. Giving the opportunity to play with the lights to change the environment depending on the use.

Color to season

 Choosing a color and applying it at certain focal points is always a way to rekindle a space. In the case of the kitchen, it can be done through an appliance, the placemats on the table, a picture, or some accessories.

The selection of colors will depend on the personality and the basic decoration of the kitchen. However, citrus colors and the range of all earth tones will fit nicely into the kitchen. In any case, as it’s the case with pepper, moderation is important.


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No matter what option gets you going, don’t be afraid to renovate such an important space of your home. Just as a classic dish can acquire new life just by adding some spices to it, your kitchen can be renovated to give your home a new feel with simple additions.


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