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Sometimes the refrigerator simply isn’t enough, and the kitchen craves a beverage center that not only frees up space, but also offers you the possibility to have sodas, juices and beers ready to be consumed at any time. Liebherr, the experts in refrigeration, came up with the perfect answer for this need: the RU 510 undercounter model.

This small stainless-steel refrigerator with a clear glass door is the solution for those homes where drinks are consumed cold, families are large and social gatherings are frequent. The case is that this appliance keeps everything handy, in a place where it doesn’t occupy much space, under the kitchen counter or in another location where its dimensions (81.8 / 59.7 / 57.7 cm) fit.

This equipment has a total capacity of 108 liters, offering enough space for 29 bottles or 114 cans. It has two sliding shelves that facilitate getting what’s inside out of it.

What to expect from this type of refrigerator?

The standard of this type of refrigerator brings to your home an appliance that’s usually made of stainless-steel, which is perfect to be used in entertainment rooms, offices, bars, indoor or outdoor kitchens. While the exterior and interior characteristics may vary, the design of these appliances is often simple and functional, so they can fit perfectly anywhere.

However, all manufacturers agree that this appliance shouldn’t be installed in spaces with direct sunlight or next to appliances that generate a lot of heat. All of these indications hope to guarantee its proper operation and extend its service life.

In this sense, the beverage center RU 510 by Liebherr not only meets what is expected of this type of appliance but also is at the forefront of the category. First, since it offers superior storage capabilities. The unit offers storage flexibility with two glass shelves with stainless-steel moldings, plus a convenient shelf with a division for bigger items and a removable metal shelf. And second, because this is a contemporary design device with a glass door (UV tinted) to offer a clear view and an elegant stainless-steel frame that can also accommodate a custom panel.


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German quality

This beverage center is equipped with an electronic control system located at the top of the interior of the appliance that is visible through the glass door. This makes handling it very user-friendly and simple. The temperature can be set from +37 °F to +68 °F (3º to 20ºC).

The appliance includes a lock for protection. This is perfect to prevent children from taking advantage of the convenient design of this beverage center, especially when it’s part of a family entertainment room. Also, the unit has an alarm system that alerts you when the door is open for too long or the temperature has changed.

Another of the qualities that takes this device to the top of the line is the noise level. It’s kept to a minimum as it has silent compressors with speed control and a low-profile cooling circuit. The SuperQuiet system also guarantees accurate performance, energy efficiency and operation. As if that wasn’t enough, the beverage center has low-energy LED lighting that emits virtually no heat and is adjustable, emitting a cold glow, and providing a pleasant ambient light both inside the appliance and in the room where it’s installed.


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