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alfa forni allegro garden pizza oven


Pizza… a delicious dish that brings together people of all ages and tastes. Resisting a good pizza is quite difficult, even more so if it is handmade with good seasonal ingredients, or shared with family and friends.


But if all of the above takes place in the comfort of the home, this simple act takes on a whole new meaning. And while eating pizza is a pleasure, preparing and baking it in an Allegro 5 pizze oven by Alfa Forni is a whole different experience.


The reason for this statement is simple: this is an appliance designed to generate pleasant memories while you cook with the highest quality and safety.


So get ready to welcome home more than just a hybrid oven with an amazing capacity for 5 pizzas. The Allegro 5 pizze is a piece of equipment that can just as easily be installed on your patio that’s the location of your most intimate celebrations.


Pizza for everyone

Imagine this Sunday plan: you organize your guests in teams to prepare a pizza tasting, where the teams come up with new recipes using their creativity, and the only ingredient off-limits is pineapple. This is possible with the oven Allegro 5 pizze by Alfa Forni, without long waiting times thanks to its two main features.


The first feature is its capacity to hold up to 5 pizzas at a time and the second is the power that allows it to reach temperatures of up to 500°C in a very short time. All thanks to a very well-designed stainless steel dome that circulates the heat evenly and ensures that no raw parts are left uncooked.


Looking at it from a more technical point of view, the Allegro 5 pizze is a semi-professional oven that has ceramic fiber insulation that keeps the heat inside the chamber, reducing wood or gas consumption. In this sense, you’ll be glad to know that the brand offers the possibility of combining both options and choosing between one of them.


This will allow you to enjoy the unmistakable flavor of wood with the speed and precision of gas. And all regulated by a pyrometer that’ll give you greater precision while baking.


allegro alfaforni night 1200x750 min


Style and comfort

The Allegro 5 pizze oven comes with a base to be installed on any countertop so that it can be integrated into your existing outdoor decoration. However, it can also be purchased with a special base that features a food-warming drawer that allows you to reserve food before serving. It also has a pair of side shelves for organizing ingredients and utensils, and a lower shelf for neatly storing firewood or simply placing the gas cylinder.


In addition, to move it freely and easily, the base has four wheels with built-in brakes for greater safety. And if you ever get bored of eating pizza (which is difficult), the versatility of the Allegro 5 pizze will allow you to cook all kinds of dishes with the taste of a wood-fired oven, the tradition of a chamber oven, and the ease of a safe and precise appliance worthy of a restaurant.


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