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Liebherr is certainly synonymous with high quality, innovation, and good taste. But with Monolith, the German company has taken refrigeration to another level.

This refrigerator, which according to its manufacturers, represents the new generation in domestic refrigeration, is one of the most recent technological hits of Liebherr. The case is that Monolith is the cherry on top of 60 years of experience in refrigeration for this brand.


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A technological monument to refrigeration

The first thing you should know about Monolith is that it’s a large refrigerator. However, this monument that German engineering has brought into the kitchen, so the conservation of your food is not a problem, can be adapted to your requirements. The brand designed solutions that can perfectly accommodate both the style (stainless-steel or panels) and dimensions of your kitchen, as well as the needs of your family.

But beyond its size, and of course, its interior space, the superior energy efficiency and advances in terms of food saving are guaranteed thanks to systems like the Biofresh-Plus, PowerCooling, and InfinitySwipe included in this appliance.

As if that wasn’t enough, the technological display of this refrigerator has a touchscreen panel that allows complete management of the appliance, which is a smart one that can be controlled through your smartphone with the exclusive SmartDeviceBox application by Liebherr.

Available for Android and IOS, this application allows you to control your refrigerator while you are away from home. Aside from verifying and activating the Supercool and Superfrost functions through your tablet or phone, thanks to SmartDeviceBox, you will be able to receive automatic notifications about the status of your refrigerator and have access to a variety of recipes that will make your life easier.


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Cold is cool

Something that Liebherr anticipated with Monolith is that refrigerators are appliances that stay in the family for a long time. For that reason, the brand gave Monolith a timeless appearance with advanced technological qualities that allow it to accompany the family and the tasty stories that are created in the kitchen for many years.

Among the positive points that Liebherr earns with Monolith stand out the inclusion of InfinitySwipe. This is a touch control panel, with intuitive handling and bright colors. Also, the interior lighting is included in this refrigerator in a masterful way with InfinityLight. LED side lighting with fully controllable intensity, is the plus of Monolith.

In sum, Monolith is a refrigerator that combines a simple and timeless style with cutting-edge technology. Therefore, its silent operation, the fine details, its latest generation systems, connectivity, as well as size and design configurations that are adaptable to the decoration, make it the “coolest” refrigerator on the market.


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