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Coffee deserves being served with style and precision. From the grinding of the beans to the combination in the cup, precision is the key behind the Jura S8, a machine that serves coffee glamorously, making the tasting process a stylish and enjoyable experience.

We know that coffee is a drink that creates social bonds, it’s the perfect excuse to talk among co-workers, meet new people, do brainstorming around a specific topic, or simply take a break from daily activities. That’s why it’s becoming more common for offices and homes to have a coffee machine that meets their needs, and the coffee machine S8 by Jura does all that, aside from providing a touch of aesthetics and sophistication to spaces with its elegant and practical design.

Today, coffee is a social experience that has been refined over time. The work of the Barista is a discipline that can now be available to anyone, so enjoying a good coffee is no longer the privilege of a specialized bar. Jura puts in the hands of its users the possibility to enjoy this beverage in a variety of presentations, with coffee of excellent quality as the protagonist. The Jura S8 coffee machine guides the consumer, step by step, to produce the coffee of their choice, optimizing the process and resulting in the maximum flavor and aroma of a beverage that energizes the world, reinforces bonds and accompanies the best moments.

With the precision of a Swiss watch

Switzerland is known for the precision of its watches and the taste of its chocolates. Well, Jura brings together both qualities: precision and flavor -even though we are talking about coffee, not chocolate- and also adds design, taste and technology to give its country another reason to be proud of. Jura’s S8 coffee machine, classified as highly automatic, won the 2018 Red Dot Design Award and the 2018 iF Design Award for its impeccable design that makes this gem worth of a barista stand out.

The Jura S8 coffee machine is a robot capable of preparing 15 types of coffee, ranging from espresso to flat white. It has a three-level temperature control to customize each cup and squeeze the maximum potential out of each gram of coffee.

The performance of this machine ranges from grinding to producing the cup. It has the ability to store up to 280 grams of coffee beans, to free the user from constant refilling and at the same time offering the supply needed for a high demand.


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Step by step and in full color

The lucky ones who bring a Jura S8 to their kitchen won’t have to guess how to make their favorite coffee. The 4.3-inches color HD touchscreen, full of graphics and animations, guides the consumer through the entire process. That is, from the moment when the Aroma G3 grinder grinds the coffee with excellent precision in terms of quantity, while the water is heated to the right temperature, until the exact combinations of coffee and milk – if that is the case – pouring into the cup nothing less than what is expected.

When it comes to milk, it doesn’t matter if it’s whole, skim, almond or any other kind. The professional fine foam vaporizer that comes with the Jura S8 is specially designed to serve specialty coffees with fine and delicate foams according to the variety chosen… and if an alien visits your home and doesn’t want to try the best coffee in the world, don’t worry, the Jura S8 can serve an excellent green tea, because everyone is entitled to the experience of being pampered by Jura. 

Just enjoy

The only thing the owner of a Jura must do to have the best coffee in its hands, is to refill the containers and experience the diverse varieties that it can offer. And there is no cleaning needed, since as we already mentioned, the Jura S8 coffee machine is super automatic. This means that it is self-cleaning, runs a stream of hot water through each hose and nozzle once the service is finished, thus eliminating any residue, and has a filter that guarantees the quality of the water used regardless of the source.

So, whether at home or in your office, the opportunity to show off by serving a world-class coffee has a Swiss name: Jura S8. The evidence is in the coffee.


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