Integrated or on the countertop, PLUM serves wine the way you prefer



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PLUM is definitely the favorite appliance of wine lovers. The device that dispenses this beverage accurately and automatically now offers the possibility for you to display it on the countertop or integrate it into your kitchen. Wonderful, right?


Well, yes, Plum doesn’t just want you to preserve wine for 90 days at the exact temperature recommended by a winemaker; its ambition goes even further. The brand understands that an appliance that was created for this purpose must fit into any type of kitchen, and that’s why it offers two options of its wine dispenser that work based on the same objective: two bottles of wine served one perfect glass at a time.



Lay the cards on the table and the wine as well

When the company launched this unique device in 2017, where artificial intelligence is put at the service of the most traditional and emblematic beverage of gourmet cuisine, the idea behind it was adapting the enjoyment of wine to the lifestyle of the 21st century.


Gradually, Plum began to enter homes and hotels, achieving prestige and recognition for its audacity. In fact, the device has received awards such as the Best of KBIS 2020 gold medal, the Biggest Bite from Design Bites, and the HTExpo TechPitch from Hotel Technology.


The first device to automatically store, cool and serve any bottle, per glass, thus became a luxury appliance, with a discreet design that’s perfect to be displayed on the countertop. Why? Simply because it’s the best ally for gatherings (or even daily use), as it serves the wine of your choice, how you want it and at the perfect temperature.


In addition, Plum works with standard 750ml wine bottles with any closure, including natural cork, engineering cork and metal screw caps. Its motorized needle pierces the foil and closure, preserving the wine with argon gas and serving it at the touch of a button. (see Plum: a wine expert at home).


Integrated into the orchestra

La Cuisine International


Just as the individual version fits perfectly into any kitchen style, Plum Integrated blends harmoniously into the design you want to orchestrate in this space of your home. Moreover, this device will form a wonderful duo next to your coffee machine, becoming the main attraction in your kitchen.


Plum Integrated is a plug-and-play design solution that seamlessly integrates the appliance into the cabinets. With all the operating advantages of the individual version, this built-in option comes in two luxury finishes: black and stainless-steel, which will make it even easier to integrate it to the style of your kitchen.


This appliance was created to fit any standard 24-inch space and has a recessed or flush-mounted aesthetic. In other words, neither you nor your designer will have to think too much to integrate it. Besides, Plum Integrated features articulated hinges, which makes it more user-friendly.


As we mentioned before, Plum Integrated offers all the advantages of the countertop version. That means that it can accommodate two standard bottles of wine, it automatically identifies through artificial intelligence any variety of wine placed in it and cools each bottle to its ideal temperature to serve and preserve the wine for 90 days.


So, as you can see, Plum not only serves you wine perfectly, but also does so whenever and however you prefer.


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