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One thing that we have learned from times of confinement is that having a household appliance like an electric grill on hand is certainly a blessing. Although its shape, size and temperature levels will depend on the brand chosen, the truth is that enjoying a barbecue on the balcony is always a pleasure that brings comfort to the soul.

Equipped with thermoregulators and non-stick coatings, electric grills are as efficient and sophisticated as grills that rely on gas. And even though the result obtained will never have that smoky flavor that comes from the charcoal, if you have a few tricks handy, this appliance will provide you with a pleasant time while you cook meats and vegetables without anything to envy to traditional grills.

Foolproof tricks to use an electric grill

  • Heats up the grill to the maximum. Depending on the cut and the type of meat, it’s a good idea to turn on the grill at maximum heat at least 10 to 15 minutes and then modify the temperature. When you put the meat on the cold grill it will start to cook while the grill starts to heat up and the meat will end up overcooked, so never forget what you just read.
  • Choose lean cuts. While you can cook any type of meat cut on the grill, lean meats -both white and red- will cook better.
  • Just turn the meat. If you only give two turns to the meat, it will turn out tastier and you’ll avoid overcooking it.
  • Avoid skewers or forks. Using tongs to turn the meat guarantees that the meat retains all its juices.
  • Do not forget that the cooking time is proportional to the size of the meat. This is a formula you should not forget.
  • Clean it when you are done. It sounds ridiculous, but this not only guarantees that your grill will last longer, but also that your next barbecue will be perfect.


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Electric and integrated grill

Gaggenau  is always one step ahead in terms of turning the kitchen into a stylish place to have fun based on cutting-edge technology. So, this German brand came up with the great idea of creating an electric grill for recessed installation.

The grill VR230620 from the 200 Vario series is the ideal model for kitchens with little space available, but with the need to integrate an efficient grill to this area of the home. With a width of 12,” a depth of 20.15″ and only 5.08″ high, this device is the perfect addition to any open concept kitchen. Easy to operate, it has an integrated control panel with illuminated rings, through which you can handle the 9 heat levels it offers.

The VR230620, which is made of cast iron and lavastone, has a grease collection insert that is dishwasher safe. The grilles are removable, and the heating elements can be controlled separately (1500 W). All of the above guarantees not only you’ll be able to have a grill to cook those cuts of meat that you love so much in your kitchen, but also that you’ll be able to clean it quickly after using it.

This appliance comes with preheating and residual heat indicator, as well as operation indicator and safety shut-off, which guarantee peace of mind, especially if you have children at home.

This grill for recessed installation requires a minimal space on the countertop of at least 7 7/8″. However, before deciding to install it, you should consider that the furniture or appliances nearby are not sensitive to heat because otherwise you must install thermal insulation. The appliance itself, has a weight of 33 pounds (17 kg), and can be combined with the cooktops of the 200 Vario series.

So, you just have to get the meat, follow the tricks we gave you, and enjoy because you already know how to get the most out of your electric grill.


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