Add a touch of distinction to your kitchen with a granite sink by Kindred


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In today’s kitchens, every element is considered, and the sink is no exception, as this member of the work triangle has gained relevance in recent years because of the wide range of manufacturing materials available.


Stainless steel remains a constant in its production thanks to the benefits it offers to this area of the home as a durable, easy-to-clean, and timeless material, but natural stone sinks have gained ground and granite is the preferred one in this category.


Granite is a heavy and resistant material with unique beauty, and qualities that are highly sought after in the aesthetic composition of today’s trendy open kitchens. Many interior designers and architects combine granite sinks with countertops of the same material and other textures to create contrast.

Generally, granite sinks are installed undercounter, but brands like Kindred also offer the versatile alternative of the countertop option that’s also easy to install, making it a favorite for kitchen renovations.



All sinks are not created equal

All granite sinks are not the same, and Kindred is ahead of the game offering a range of options in terms of color and design that have the aesthetics to fit into any decoration style. The granite sinks of the brand repel stubborn stains (wine, coffee, and grease) and are easy to clean, you just need water and mild soap to care for models like the KGS2U-8CHN which also includes UV protection, so the color remains intact for years.


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Besides, the Kindred Granite line has a built-in function to reduce the growth of bacteria and microbes, which means that the sinks of the line are worthy competitors of stainless-steel models. Kindred’s KGS2U-8CHN sink is scratch-resistant and heat-resistant, so it can handle pans coming straight from the oven without inconvenience.


And to help you make the kitchen work triangle a truly multifunctional area, this brand offers accessories sold separately that’ll allow you to customize it to your needs, so your sink’s usefulness goes beyond the basics.


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