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We all know that the kitchen is the heart of the home. But the idea that such heart can nest on a very convenient island that invites everyone to participate at dinner, can be quite a discovery.

And if you add to that the fact that this island is handmade with the best materials and a modern and sophisticated design that will bring elegance and a style worthy of a magazine to your kitchen, there isn’t much more to think about. That’s what it’s all about when we talk about the Ideal Workstation 7S by The Galley.  A work bar that can include up to nine elements according to the user’s need, combining the decoration with the functionality.


An island of another level

 The system of the workstations by The Galley is ideal for island structures in kitchens. In them, you can install the internal basin that has an inclined drainage system, hiding it under the worktable, while guaranteeing that liquids flow constantly. This basin or container can be used as a cooler, and if a faucet is installed, it becomes the perfect sink.

The edges of this container serve as double level rails on which rest the tiers that will serve as cutting boards, tables, drying racks, bases for knives, or as a home for the diverse accessories offered by the brand to create a functional, stylish and fun bar.


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With everything you need and more

 The Ideal Workstation 7S  includes a work kit with the following accessories: 3 dual-tier cutting boards, two dual-tier drying racks, two dual-tier platforms for colanders or mixing bowls, two stainless-steel colanders with non-slip handles, and two stainless-steel mixing bowls with lids and non-slip bottom.

With this equipment that can be located on the bar, depending on the user’s taste, you can have a multi-purpose workstation in which you can cook, chop, and comfortably serve up to three people.


For all tastes

 The design possibilities of the  Ideal Workstation 7S   are virtually endless with all the original implements, but you should know that it can be expanded further with more implements offered by The Galley, forming a unique design complex. The finish can vary according to taste and based on the presentations available: natural gold bamboo, graphite wood composite, exclusive gray resin, and white resin.

All metallic elements are made of 316L marine-grade stainless-steel with TrueEdge design to guarantee your investment is virtually eternal.


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To extend the party

 If the benefits of the kit included in the Ideal Workstation 7S doesn’t seem enough,  The Galley  offers more options to enhance your workstation. The Condiment Serving Board is a bar that combines six trays to serve the food you can use while you’re cooking. The Wash And Serve Set combines a cooler, a bar with topping containers and another to serve drinks. The Wash Set consists of a bowl to wash and a drying rack, the Utensil Caddy includes containers to place your cutlery and kitchen utensils.

The general offer of the workstation also includes half sheet pans, surfaces for hot objects, countertop knife block and basically everything you may need to turn your kitchen into a professional workstation.



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