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An induction range with a self-cleaning oven is certainly the answer to the prayers of many of us. This magical combination ready to make life at home easier (and the work in the kitchen easier as well, of course) is an example of  how  technology is moving forward at a fast pace, being present in appliances.

There are different brands in the market that offer these types of ranges, so it’s important to consider what they offer versus what you really need. Knowing the difference will turn the purchase of an avantgarde appliance such as this into a great investment.


An induction range, the first part of the bundle

Induction ranges are the future. Clean, fast, elegant, comfortable and, with an energy consumption lower than ceramic glass cooktops, these appliances are simply what is needed when you have little time to cook and/or a large family.

These types of ranges vary in the number of cooking areas, but the models with five and six areas are the most popular and useful if, as we said, you have a large family. Perhaps the advantage that you find most attractive from this type of range is its speed. They allow you to go from the minimum to the maximum level in seconds. That is, cooking a dish that could take up to 7 or 8 minutes in a gas cooktop, will only take 4 in an induction range.

They are more efficient than the rest of the cooktops, as they heat the containers directly, avoiding energy waste. To these virtues we must add that they are safe, so they are the ideal choice when you have children because they usually have a locking system.


A self-cleaning oven!

If all of the above seems wonderful, just imagine a great oven that allows you to make roasts, desserts, pizzas, etc., and that is also self-cleaning. This is the part of the bundle that you’ll be probably most interested in.

The days of the degreasers and the long hours trying to erase the fat traces from that delicious meat, or fish you just made are over. No, no more, because self-cleaning ovens are here to stay. Hallelujah!

Obviously, technology has not yet been able to replace human contribution, so you must participate in the execution of the cleaning process, but luckily without leaving your life (and nails) there. In this sense, the market is full of options and as a consumer you can choose between having an oven with pyrolytic, catalytic, and hydrolytic system.


What’s the best option? The one that Bosch has to offer

La Cuisine International


Bosch is always one step ahead when it comes to bringing state-of-the-art technology into the kitchen. So it’s no wonder that the Benchmark® HEIP056U range has it all and a little more. That is, an induction range plus a self-cleaning oven and, a heating drawer as a bonus.

The Benchmark® HEIP056U induction range is a smart appliance that comes with 5 cooking areas. The entire appliance works with a Temperature Limiter that will operate automatically and independently of the cooking setting. This means that it will be activated under certain conditions, which include: the base of the pot doesn’t make full contact with the surface; the pan is too small for the cooking area; the pot has dried out or the material or shape of the pan takes too long to transfer the heat. Additionally, the cooking areas display a heat indicator light to show when the cooking surface is too hot.

As far as the oven is concerned, it can be operated with a touch control panel that allows you to choose between 11 cooking modes. Equipped with genuine European convection, this fast preheating equipment comes with a meat probe that eliminates doubts when you are cooking meat. As for the self-cleaning function, as it has cycles of 2 and 3 hours for a quick cleaning and another one of 4 hours for a deeper cleaning process.

But the cherry on top of this device is certainly its heating drawer. It offers 3 settings (low, medium, and high) that will allow you to serve your dishes at the right temperature.  And regarding the space, we can tell you that you can place in it 2 Pyrex trays of 9 x 13″ (side by side), 4 plates of 10 1/2″, individually or stacked and trays from 3 to 11″, individually or stacked.

Now, the decision is yours, but first remember to thank Bosch for the favors received in the kitchen.




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