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Situating the refrigerator in the perfect place in the kitchen is essential, not only because of the care required by the new systems of these devices but also since they are the caretakers of our food. These appliances must be located at a spot that allows great mobility and the connection between the different areas that integrate the kitchen.

Next, we share 6 tips related to energy efficiency, design, comfort, and ergonomic design that your kitchen needs and that will depend on the strategic location of your refrigerator.
1. On the endpoints. This is an aesthetic recommendation. Locating the refrigerator on the endpoints of the kitchen prevents shadows. In that sense, it’s always best to place it in a corner of the kitchen and not next to a window, since the size of this appliance can block the passage of natural light.
2. Close to the pantry. Locate it next to the area where you prepare food. This is a strategic position that keeps distances short and allows you to close the door of the refrigerator as soon as you grab the food you plan to use.
3. In a spacious and ventilated area. A refrigerator needs space to have proper ventilation, both on top and underneath the same. That is important because without the proper ventilation, hot air accumulates, and the compressor works nonstop, thus heating up and reducing the useful life and energy efficiency of the appliance.


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4. Ergonomics. If you are going to install an undercounter refrigerator in your kitchen, it’s recommended to install it at a height of 122 cm or less above ground level to avoid having to bend over constantly.
5. Away from heated areas. The further your refrigerator is from the source of heat, the higher its energy efficiency and durability will be. Sometimes, people make the mistake to place dividing elements between the refrigerator and other appliances that emit heat to separate them. Why is that a mistake? Because the heat will filter towards the refrigerator while the oven or microwave are operating and even a period of time long after they are turned off.
6. Isolated. Today, refrigerators come in colors and sizes that turn them into key pieces in the decoration of the kitchen. That means that they are no longer mere utilitarian elements within the dynamics of the kitchen. For that reason, a new trend in terms of the location of refrigerators is to isolate them as a decorative element to be highlighted. Experts say that this location not only will allow room for the refrigerator to breathe but also ensure a higher durability of the appliance.

Evidently, these recommendations must be adapted to the size of both your kitchen and your refrigerator. Remember to always follow the advice that comes with the appliance, since that will help maintain its good condition longer.


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