How long should a dishwasher last?


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How long should a dishwasher last? Even though many of us wish that this particular appliance could last for a lifetime, the truth is that it has a useful life like any other device. You may think that the useful life of a dishwasher depends on how you care for it, and in fact, it has something to do with it but based on the latest survey from Consumer Reports on this appliance, they can last an average of 10 years.

According to Consumer Reports, this useful life expectancy is aligned to the basic promise of several manufacturers to make dishwashers that last approximately a decade in optimal conditions. However, that being the case evidently implies that the user must choose a trusted brand, one that can even overcome the average life expectancy and provide customer service to solve any possible problems that arise.

The first in its class

In the research performed by Consumer Reports, two of the brands of the LCI portfolio were chosen with the highest ratings in terms of durability: Bosch and Thermador. The dishwashers manufactured by these brands stood out and obtained the rating of “Excellent” for the predicted reliability. That means that, out of the 20 brands under study, the new dishwashers from Bosch and Thermador resulted in the less likely to malfunction within the first five years of use.

But, your dishwasher lasting almost 20 years isn’t all there is to it. For that reason, Consumer Reports also researched the level of satisfaction that motivates users to recommend them. The answer didn’t surprise us. Once again, Bosch and Thermador obtained an “Excellent” rating that qualifies them as the top brands in this category.


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Choosing a dishwasher will be easier

This type of research that endorses the quality and reliability of the brands, is certainly an attribute that many buyers consider today at the time to purchase an appliance. In fact, the research from CR includes the results of lab tests, predicted reliability, and owner satisfaction in a general rating so it’s easier for the user to choose the best dishwasher based on their budget.

Obviously, this information along with the data provided by each brand, will allow the user to check and compare in order to choose the dishwasher they need not only based on their budget, the space available, the number of cycles, the noise level, or the brand of their preference, but also the trust and durability based on serious studies that will guarantee they make the most appropriate investment.

Some advice from the experts

According to Alex Sheehan, spokesperson for both brands, there are 3 basic recommendations that may contribute to your dishwasher lasting longer:
1. Only place in it dishwasher safe items. That will prevent the items from breaking, melting, or getting tangled up in the filter; aside from the fact that it prevents damaging the appliance.
2. Do not use towels with bleach, strong chemical products, abrasive products, metal sponges, or scrubbing pads in any of the areas.
3. If you live in an area with dense water, use regeneration salt in the water-softening system of the dishwasher. That would improve the cleanliness and help prevent stains and opacity. Besides, the salt also helps prevent the accumulation of minerals in the dishwasher and therefore, will contribute to extending its useful life.


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