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You must certainly have an endless list of places you wish to visit when the world returns to the life we used to have. But if you are not sure where to start, we can help you organize the journey that will take you around the world or at least part of it.


As we said, we’ll take you on a journey through 4 incredible places that have in common sustainability, luxury and contact with nature. So, we’ll begin in the Costa Rican jungle, continue through the exotic island of Hormuz in Iran, discover the vast savannas of Namibia, and finally reach the turquoise waters of the Maldives.


Now that we know the itinerary, let’s travel together.


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Resting in a coconut

In the north of Costa Rica, more specifically in the area of Guanacaste that houses some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, is Coco Villa, a complex of 5 small tree-houses that belongs to the Art Villas Resort.


These villas that are part of the emblematic resort of Playa Hermosa were designed by Archwerk.cz and Formafatal as coconut-shape houses made of teak wood and ultraviolet-resistant canvas. The complex is interconnected by a network of stairs and walkways surrounding the 5 houses that are carefully oriented to allow a relaxing view and the necessary privacy at the same time.


A foggy forest, along with the toucans, monkeys, the sound of the sea and the murmur of the wind in the treetops provides guests with a unique and peaceful space.


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The hospitality of a natural reserve

Majara is a 17-suite guest residence that completes the second phase of Presence in Hormuz, an environmentally friendly three-part complex from Zav Architects that aims to attract tourists and support the community.


The complex is located on Hormuz, a 16-square-mile island with a population of 6,500. Most of the island is a natural reserve.


Its landscape, characterized by colorful sands and remarkable geological features constitutes an important tourist attraction, so Zav was determined to develop tasteful accommodations to favor the development of the industry in the place. The complex, which spans 43,000 square feet, is comprised of egg-shaped structures made in Superadobe, a construction technology pioneered by Iranian-American architect Nader Khalili.


Superadobe uses sandbags, barbed wire, on-site earth, and few tools to build structural arches, domes, vaults, or more standard rectilinear shapes. However, for Majara, Zav created his version of Superadobe to use less concrete and steel. For this project, he used the sandy soil of the region to mix with the plaster exteriors and interiors, which allowed the creation of domes of greater radius and lower height.


This luxury resort will open at the end of the year and according to Zav, it has a sensitive and measured approach very much in sync with the tourism industry of the post-pandemic world.


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A safari for the soul

Namibia’s natural landscape, full of desert dunes, vast savannas and jungle wildlife attracts visitors from all over the world. This was the main reason why the Habitas hotel chain created a hotel there.

However, when they envisioned the project they imagined a place that would preserve the natural balance. Thus, Habitas Namibia is a modular construction made mainly of wood of sustainable origin located in an extensive private wildlife reserve near Windhoek airport.


The hotel has 15 rooms, a swimming pool, an outdoor cinema, a common dining room and a campfire. Adapted to the conditions of the location, it has no solid walls. Instead, the rooms are lined with floor-to-ceiling canvas, which surrounds guests in incredible panoramic views.


The complex runs on solar energy and recycled water. It doesn’t generate wastewater, since it has access to an aquifer that treats water through a system of artificial wetlands, returning to irrigation and the land after being treated.


In this exotic location, guests can participate in safaris, indigenous spa treatments, dance, drum circles, yoga, and agora meetings with live music, among other activities that benefit local conservation efforts.


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Ecologically exclusive

Kudadoo is the name of a complex of 15 Zen-style villas arranged in the shape of a headband that surrounds one of the paradisiacal atolls of the Maldives. Offering uninterrupted views of the horizon of the Arabian Sea, this solar-powered resort is also the first fully sustainable resort in this region.


The resort designed by architect Yuji Yamazaki is a truly exclusive hotel in a place known for its local plants, turquoise waters, and a sustainable mindset to preserve ecology.


We can imagine that this list made you dream big. So, take the necessary precautions and prepare your passport to travel when we get back to normal.


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