Smeg celebrates 30 years of collaboration with Guido Canali

Smeg is celebrating 30 years of partnership with Architect Guido Canali. Canali began collaborating with Smeg just when built-in products were gaining popularity. Subsequently of this collaboration, Smeg has evolved and created distinctive elements that have become real milestones of success around the world, from the use of steel to their pragmatic control knobs. The Classic line by Guido Canali is one of their best sellers around the world.

The fact that some products designed over 25 years ago are still being sold these days is why Smeg’S CEO Vittorio Bertazzoni believes that architectural collaborations with their brand help their products become eternal, not tied to any trend.

Guido Canali has even designed Smeg’s beautiful new headquarters in San Girolamo, Guastalla. If you want to know more about this brilliant collaboration, watch the interview of Canalli and Vittorio Bertazzoni in honor of the 30-year celebration.

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