Not A Hotel Setouchi: a fusion of Japanese and Danish architecture   



The fusion of cultural influences often produces extraordinary results. Such is the case of the project Not A Hotel Setouchi, led by Bjarke Ingels of BIG, which aims to harmoniously combine the principles of Danish modernism with the timeless elegance of Japanese architecture. 

According to Ingels, the project is a reflection of the ongoing dialogue between Danish and Japanese culture, with both traditions influencing the design of Not A Hotel Setouchi. Details about the project are scheduled to be revealed later this year, but preliminary images suggest that each villa will feature large wings that will provide shade for the interior spaces. 

The preliminaries of the project 

The interiors of Not A Hotel Setouchi are conceived as serene retreats, with textured walls, wooden ceilings, and paved floors that exude a sense of subtle luxury. From kitchen and dining areas to sunken lounge areas with infinity pools, each space is meticulously designed to offer an exceptional living experience. 


Also, the villas will feature cozy saunas and cobblestone courtyards that offer shared spaces organized around a fire pit. These amenities are intended to foster a sense of community amid Sagishima’s natural splendor. 

Awaiting the surprise 

As BIG continues to challenge the boundaries of architectural innovation, Not A Hotel Setouchi stands as a tribute to the transformative power of cross-cultural dialogue. By merging Danish modernism with Japanese tradition, this project promises to redefine the notion of luxury living while honoring the rich tapestry of architectural heritage. 

We will be keeping an eye on the evolution of Not A Hotel Setouchi, as press releases about this project ensure that BIG is preparing to reveal, in a spectacular fashion, its visionary interpretation of contemporary life on the island of Sagishima through the hotel. 


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