Kitchen trends: What’s cooking in 2017


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The kitchen is a magical space in any house. In it the alchemy of food makes possible culinary wonders that are always received with enthusiasm. That is why this laboratory of flavors and aromas cannot go unnoticed or lacking in its own style.

Fortunately today there is an entire industry dedicated to beautifying and even customizing this space. Which is the reason why we share the trends that will reign this year in the place that, for many, is the heart of the home.

Black is beautiful. The classic Carrara white and the harmonious colors and veins of Calacatta marbles always seem to be at the top of the preferences of interior designers when it comes to kitchens. But at this year’s KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) the Nero Marquina, a beautiful black marble extracted from the Basque Country, made its triumphant appearance. Many of the leading brands of quartz and countertops presented it in their proposals, combining it with both metal and wood.


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Long live color! Trends in kitchen colors has begun to change, although white and gray remain firm, the use of blue and black for the furniture (and even walls) of this space are increasingly more common. Obviously, the choice of color will depend on the style you want to give the room. The Italian brand Smeg has joined this trend of renewing the colors of the kitchen and proof of this is the Portofino Line, which was successfully presented in KBIS 2017. A wide range of colors (from yellow to black) and its 50’s retro lines are the delight of fans of eclectic style settings.

Divine coexistence. Another very interesting trend in this year’s proposals is the
harmonization of materials such as steel and wood. However, the most daring and innovative is the combination of recovered wood furniture treated with aging techniques and high-tech appliances featuring retro style designs. It’s this divine coexistence of the new and the old which gives an avant-garde touch to this space that never ceases to feed on tradition, but doesn’t miss a step to innovation.


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Madness for floors. Kitchen floors become important this year. Cool and elegant granite -and marble too- seems to give way to materials such as wood, ceramics -rough or brick shaped-, terracotta, and clay that add a warmer and rustic aura to this space. Another interesting trend is installing carpets in the kitchen. It may seem like absolute madness because accidental spills are too common in these areas, but designers insist that they give it a magical touch and washable materials take the work out of keeping up this décor.

And then, LED was made. Although it may not seem that important, lighting in the kitchen is essential. The incorporation of LED lamps in this place fits like a glove. Not only because it gives a touch of sophistication, but also because it subtracts heat. The trend is therefore to resort to LED lights for both general and ambient lighting (recessed or hanging lamps), as well as to place accent lighting in work areas. Experts on the subject point out that a good combination of lights creates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

But LED technology also came to household appliances. A perfect example is Thermador’s
new refrigeration collection. From refrigerators to sophisticated wine coolers, LED lighting provides each appliance with a light that embellishes the interior space and facilitates, in the case of wines, the reading of labels. In addition the lighting can be controlled through a TFT screen.

All connected. According to the report on kitchen trends prepared by the organizers of KBIS in 2017, there will be significant growth in the incorporation of wiring and ways for technological integration in kitchens. Every day there are more appliances that can be connected to the Internet. This obviously responds to the modern times need to control everything from our smartphones. In this sense, our brands U-line and Bosch have come a long distance in terms of devices that can be turned on, turned off, or controlled from free apps available on iOS or Android.

Bosch introduced Home Connect, a collection of connected appliances that simplify the time spent in the kitchen. Home Connect allow users to integrate coffee makers, dishwashers, washing machines, ovens, and refrigerators; as well as operating them remotely. The brand managed to make the home of the future a reality through strategic alliances that will speed up daily activities with just one click.

Undoubtedly, these trends open a range of options and a color palette that will make the stay in the kitchen even more pleasant.


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