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The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, known as KBIS, is the most important fair for designers, architects and fans of the latest trends. It brings together the most innovative manufacturers and brands of the sector. Organized for nearly 50 years by the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association (NKBA) in the United States, KBIS is an inspiring and interactive platform that sets trends in lighting, parts, materials, use of technology, coatings, and more.

KBIS organizers made an interesting report on the most outstanding trends as far as kitchens are concerned. This report ensures that in general terms the colors to be used in these spaces have begun to change. White and gray remain firm, the use of blue and black are becoming more common. As for materials, the use of granite on countertops has given way to quartz, while materials such as steel and wood continue to coexist.

On the other hand induction cooking plates are still gaining ground, but without taking away the charm of traditional kitchens. In the oven segment, convection units dominate, but steam appliances continue climbing. The report also claims that a growing trend in kitchen design is to include wiring and ways for technological integration, as more and more devices are connected to the Internet. Based on trends in vogue, we want to share some products that were among the best at this fair.

The best of the big three. BSH appliances brands -Gaggenau, Thermador, and Bosch-, joined at KBIS 2017 to present the best of each company. Gaggenau, the German manufacturer of luxury appliances, showed off its iconic masterpiece: the EB333 oven. It combines a timeless design and unprecedented technologies. The brand also showed its versatility by presenting some of its most emblematic products ranging from its elegant coffeemakers, through the up-to-date flex cooking plates, to its sophisticated dishwashers.




Thermador, the iconic leading brand of luxury appliances introduced its long-awaited 60″ Pro Grand® Collection, which was amongst the best of the exhibition. Full of sophistication and cutting-edge technology, kitchen enthusiasts will find in Thermador absolute versatility to accompany them on their culinary voyages. The brand offers wide-ranging combinations for the surface and the interior of the appliances, all to meet the needs of preferred cooking styles.




Bosch, showed off its leadership in the design of appliances that simplify life in the kitchen. It left everyone in awe with the launch of a line with Wi-Fi devices that will allow you to control appliances from your smartphone: refrigerator-freezer, wall oven, dishwasher, washer, and dryer. Through a simple command you can ask your Bosch coffee machine to make an espresso or a latte, while turning off your oven.




The subtle charm of retro. In addition to showing part of its renowned Retro Style line appliances, SMEG presented a prototype kitchen of its new Portofino range. With a 36″ size and dual-free, it also comes in seven different colors (olive green, orange, red, white, stainless steel, black, and yellow). This new range also offers quality performance, solid design, ultrafast double burner (18,000 TBU), isothermal cavity, soft-close door, and a triple convection fan. Classic and modern in one piece.


Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 11.47.23 AM


Sinks on another level. Undoubtedly the Franke Chef Center system takes any kitchen to the next level, as if it came out of a dream. eatures two antimicrobial compartments, this system will be the cook’s best friend. It puts its spaces at the service of their needs, whether they are considering getting rid of something or preserving it for later use. In addition to the command station, it comes with a whole series of accessories – cutting board, colander, moving drying board, colander basket, and more – which makes this dismissed kitchen space into the heart of the room.




Beautiful and silent. Faber used all Italian ingenuity to make the extractor hoods a sophisticated and silent kitchen appliance. The Stratus White Glass is a proposal that impressed at KBIS. This extractor is a system in the form of white glass panel that can be elegantly placed above your kitchen. It features a 4-speed electronic control, LED bar lighting, remote control, perimeter filter system, silent kit, and 400 cfm motor.


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Two in one. Liebherr was laureate at KBIS with its SBS 32S2, a side-by-side, consisting of two combined refrigerators (CBS 1661 and CBS 1660) offering flexible storage solutions within 6 temperature zones. The beautiful SmartSteel exterior finish – which makes it stain-resistant, scratch-resistant and easy to clean – is combined with ergonomic handles, beveled edges, and a cabinet depth that can be used as a stand-alone or recessed unit. Another feature of the SBS 32S2 are its 4 BioFresh drawers, Liebherr’s patented food preservation technology.




100% on-line. U-Line took advantage of this edition of KBIS to present new models of refrigerators and water and ice dispensers for both indoors and outdoors. All these products have the ability to connect via Wi-Fi with an exclusive free application for iOS and Android that will allow the user to control his device from his smartphone.




La Cuisine International is honored to be partners with brands that are a step ahead in technology while bringing beauty to the most valued spaces of the home.


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