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If you are thinking about redecorating your kitchen or if you are in the process of construction, these tips to harmonize the colors in this room are just for you.

Contrast commands. Two-tone kitchens are trending right now. Combining strong colored furniture with neutral walls, or vibrant colors on the walls and light counter tops, are alwaysviable options for balancing this high-traffic area.

Size matters. When choosing a color scheme for the kitchen, it is essential to take its dimensions into account. If it is small, choose light and cool tones, also,set small color points in accessories or columns to generate personality. If on the contrary, you have a large space to work on, then dark color furniture and counters give warmth and depth. Or you can dare with a vibrant hue like red or green apple to give character to the space.

Monochrome. Cabinet and drawer doors should be dressed in the same color, preferably a solid hue. Color combinations on furniture is a style that is no longer on trend.


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Metallic is the new black. Current appliances have elegant and stylish designs that do not need to be coated with sheets of any material. Displaying the metallic color goes very well with any style choice, stylizes the space and balances the atmosphere. Just be sure to keep them shiny and grease-free.

Electrical appliances. Big brands have accepted the inevitable. Their products no longer have just a functional role, but also a decorative one. In the current market we can find beautiful blenders, mixers or ovens glazed in vibrant colors or any other element with fun designs that give color and personality to the kitchen. However, if the space is small, it is best to keep all these items stored and leave the surfaces free and clean.

Matte is on-trend. Matte colors on the walls are the latest trend as well as paints with textured finishes. Glossy paint finishes -although they may be more economical or easy to maintain-reflect light and increase the sensation of high temperature.

Don’t forget the lights. Light also benefits from color! Combine white and yellow lights in strategic points to give feelings of warmth or luminosity, open-space or depth according to your convenience and to the size of your kitchen.

To make the heart of the home into a cozy, functional, harmonious, and aesthetic space, the smart use of color can be the most useful of tools.


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