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Traditional architects were formerly seen as elitist professionals, devoted exclusively to putting on paper their impressive ideas that would later be planted in urban centers. However, with time, these projection artists have found themselves in need of getting involved in aspects beyond their works, and thanks to this they have acquired, little by little, new qualities that make them super heroes. Below we list 5 of the qualities that a 21st century architect must have.


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1.Save the planet. Architects of the 21st century must take into account the environmental impact that their works will generate. There are an increasing number of legislations that protect the environment which become a challenge when designing a building. That means that the architect must have knowledge of ecology and also about the laws that protect nature, not only to avoid transgressing them, but also to seek to adapt to them and make their work coexist harmoniously with the environment.

2.Technological vision. Paper and pencil are no longer the basic designing tools. There is a great variety of programs, applications and gadgets that simplify and adapt their work to the current times. AutoCAD Architecture, Revit Architecture and 3Ds Max are just three of the indispensable software on the desktop of a modern architect. It would be interesting to know what Villanueva, Bresciani or Valdés would have created with these tools.

3.Multi-Materials. Far behind are now those buildings featuring concrete as the protagonist. Today’s architects have a huge range of available options that they must know and have to include in their designs. From glass to hay, large modern constructions require the integration of different materials to obtain results even more adjusted to the aesthetic, environmental and functional needs of these times.

4.Personalized treatment. Customers are becoming more demanding every day. Globalization has made us all know -or believing we know -a little bit about everything. Clients believe they know what they want in the design, and the more personalized, the greater the demand. Therefore, architects must have the ability to know their clients and channel their desires and needs in favor of a projection adjusted to their possibilities and budget.

5.Adjusting to the budget. Although the client has a fanciful idea of the house of his dreams, or even if the architect wants to deploy all his ideas in a spectacular model, budget is the main limitation in a project. Adjusting to the initial plan is an invaluable quality.

Professional profiles have undergone changes as cities are humanized, information is circulated and relations are globalized. Undoubtedly, the new architects combine the knowledge and expertise of their predecessors, with the advances of the new times.


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