Why choose built-in appliances?  


In the evolution of home design, the kitchen has become the core of most of the changes, because every detail counts in this area and as a result, built-in appliances have emerged as the protagonists. 

In this modern kitchen scenario, integration is key. Therefore, this type of appliance can adapt to different styles and needs creating a perfect synergy of innovation and technology. 

Today, we invite you to discover the benefits of built-in appliances and how they elevate the design of modern kitchens. 

What do built-in appliances have to offer? 

As we already said, the real magic of built-in appliances lies in their ability to be 100% integrated into every kitchen space. Beyond the technology that many of them add, the incorporation of built-in appliances contributes to the creation of a room with impeccable style. 

At a time when the kitchen has opened to the rest of the house, this trend brings a clean, uniform look that highlights the design and allows for easy integration. 

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More room to work 

Design efficiency is a crucial benefit of built-in appliances. By freeing up countertop space and blending harmoniously into cabinets and walls, a more efficient and aesthetically pleasing layout is achieved. 

Perhaps, the most outstanding point is that integrated appliances provide more space to work, while facilitating cleaning around them, reducing the accumulation of dirt compared to freestanding appliances. 

Is this something I can easily do? 

Seamless integration of built-in appliances involves certain modifications compared to free-standing appliances. This includes the incorporation of specific displays and gears in the doors to allow their coupling with the surrounding furniture. 

Although these features may increase the manufacturing cost, the investment translates into a more sophisticated and cleaner design. 

Perfect for any type of kitchen 

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Although initially conceived for open, spacious kitchens, built-in appliances are becoming popular in small, enclosed kitchens. Their ability to provide a sense of spaciousness, along with a discreet design, makes them a versatile option for different kitchen configurations. 

Do you have to buy them when you are designing the kitchen? 

The decision to choose built-in appliances should be made during the kitchen design phase, so the design can be adapted with specific cabinetry and doors to elegantly conceal the appliances. Otherwise, if the appliances are placed in plain view, the design is minimally affected, only requiring the necessary space for them. 

Built-in appliances not only offer innovation and advanced technology, but also transform the kitchen into a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing space. Investing in built-in appliances certainly improves functionality and elevates kitchen design to a higher level. 


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