Creating a wine cellar at home is possible thanks to Thermador’s T18IW905SP wine cooler 


Having a good stock of wines at home is a dream that only an appliance like Thermador’s T18IW905SP can give you because this stylish and functional equipment is more than just a wine cooler. 

Every detail in your home counts and that is why a smart choice of appliances can add a touch of sophistication to your space. And it is even more so when we talk about preserving wines at home. 

When space is no longer an obstacle 

Many believe that having a large space to create a home wine cellar is a must. Fortunately, Thermador’s T18IW905SP built-in wine cooler has come to shatter that myth. 

With a 58-bottle capacity, this dual-zone cooler offers a wide, and organized space to store your collection in style in one column. Its 12 shelves, designed with unique diamond-shaped wooden studs, provide stability for bottles of different sizes and offer an elegant presentation that will transform your wine nook into a piece that grabs attention. 

Flavor preservation and full protection 

This premium stainless-steel appliance has a UV-protected glass door that adds a modern touch while it also serves an essential function in preserving the quality of your wines. 

Details like the LED lighting with soft filtering create a captivating atmosphere and offer the ease of displaying your bottles as if they were jewels. Every feature in this Thermador appliance has been carefully thought out to ensure that each bottle of wine is exposed to conditions that preserve all its organoleptic properties. 

Monitor the temperature wherever you are 

This is a Wi-Fi-enabled appliance, which takes the wine cooler experience to the next level. Additionally, thanks to the Home Connect app, you can monitor and control the temperature of your cooler from the convenience of your smart device. 

This functionality integrates seamlessly with smart home devices and services such as Amazon’s Alexa, giving you full control over your wine collection. 

From its spacious interior design and its lighting and connectivity details, this built-in wine refrigerator redefines the experience of preserving and enjoying your collection. Give your home a twist and make the Thermador T18IW905SP your ally in creating that wine collection you want to surprise your guests with. 


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