Discover why THERMADOR’s CIT365YB cooktop can redefine the way you cook 


THERMADOR’s CIT365YB is an appliance that can redefine the way you cook. The combination of innovation and efficiency in this elegantly designed cooktop with advanced features provides an exceptional cooking experience thanks to its power, precision, and user-friendly operation. 

This is an induction cooktop with superior performance that makes simmering, browning, boiling, or grilling an easy task, thanks to 17 power levels that provide a variety of cooking options. But it’s the brand’s unique triple-zone that makes it stand out among its competitors. Why? Because it allows you to match the size of the element to cookware of assorted sizes. 

Beautiful and easy to clean  

The design of this THERMADOR cooktop is one of its most attractive features. This frameless black glass cooktop brings a sleek, and modern aesthetic to any kitchen. 

Designed to be installed on a countertop, we are talking about a cooktop with plenty of space that fits perfectly on a central island due to its fluid and minimalist appearance. In addition, the smooth induction surface makes it easy to clean and prevents residue buildup, making it the perfect centerpiece of an open-concept kitchen. 

The features and controls that make it special  

This is an induction cooktop that any chef would want to have at home. Its 17 power levels allow precise control over the heat intensity for each of its induction burners. Also, its LED display provides a clear visual reference of the selected power, making it even easier to set the exact temperature for each recipe. 

This appliance comes with a PowerBoost function, which is one of the outstanding features of the THERMADOR CIT365YB. By activating this option, the burner power increases by 50%, allowing you to heat liquids faster, speed up cooking times, and fry more efficiently. You will save time in the kitchen without compromising the quality of your dishes. 

This cooktop offers you convenience as well. With individual timers for each of the 5 burners, you can set precise cooking times for each dish without worrying about its control. Thus, when the set time is reached, the burner turns off automatically, ensuring that your recipes are always right, and allowing you to cook different items simultaneously. 

Thanks to induction technology, this cooktop offers instantaneous temperature changes. This means you can adjust the cooking temperature quickly and precisely, without having to wait for the cooktop to heat up or cool down. The immediate response of the burners allows you to cook with greater flexibility and achieve professional results. 

The THERMADOR CIT365YB cooktop represents a revolution in modern cooking. This induction cooktop combines power and precision to take your cooking skills to the next level. If you are looking for a high-end cooking experience, this will be the perfect ally to give your culinary creations the excellence you desire. 


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