Modular House: a portable home   


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Modular House is a fascinating architectural project that has already impressed many. Designed by the Prima Arquitectura team for the company Aria Noir, we are talking about a portable house, which can be easily transported and assembled anywhere. 

This innovative creation by Prima Arquitectura challenges the limits of flexibility and adaptability. Following the client’s guidelines, the architects focused on designing a home that could be assembled anywhere, using easily transportable parts and with the possibility to grow in a modular fashion, thus providing a fully adjustable and unique solution. 

A story of flexibility 

To achieve this architectural marvel, special materials were required so they would adapt to diverse climatic conditions, and be practical for transportation. As a result, the first thing that Prima Arquitectura chose was a light and versatile multi-panel for the floors, ceilings, and walls of the house. 

Also, stainless-steel load-bearing elements were used to form a grid of 3 meters long per module. With this structure, cubes were strategically distributed to create modules. 

© Prima Arquitectos

 One of the most striking features of the Modular House is, as we have already mentioned, its ability to adapt to any environment. Thanks to the fact that the walls of the cubic volumes that integrate it are movable, the same can open and close according to weather conditions. 

In short, each house not only takes advantage of the wind orientation but also of the sunlight from different places where it is installed. This flexibility makes it a versatile house that integrates harmoniously into its surroundings. 

On the exterior, the facade and design of the Modular House show the natural color of the steel, a rusty brown that considers the aging of the material, while providing a unique and attractive appearance to the house. 

The Modular House by Prima Arquitectura is a true masterpiece of contemporary architecture. The features that integrate the structure turn it into a “travel-size house” that immediately becomes a unique and revolutionary option. Would you live in this house? (You may also enjoy reading Why the Architecture of the future will be modular?). 


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