Deluxe ALXE-56: The Rolls Royce of grills  


When it comes to outdoor kitchens, few appliances can match the versatility and enjoyment provided by a high-quality grill. Alfresco’s Deluxe ALXE-56 is the Rolls Royce of grills, equipped with everything you need to create those unforgettable memories. 

With its spacious design, state-of-the-art technology, and the highest quality materials, this Alfresco equipment will provide you with everything you need for a luxurious feast. Here’s why. 

Unparalleled outdoor experience 

The ALXE-56 Deluxe Grill offers a durable and spacious 770-square-inch cooking area, perfect for hosting important gatherings and going big when cooking. The wide cooking space allows you to experiment with new and creative culinary ideas, whether it’s grilling succulent steaks or vegetables, or smoking your favorite meats to perfection. 

Aside from the large grilling area, this grill also offers additional space for boiling, heating, and other culinary needs. This means you can use the appliance not only to cook delicious dishes but also to keep food warm and ready to serve while you finish preparing the rest of the meal. 

The perfect barbecue does exist… 

Alfresco’s Deluxe ALXE-56 doesn’t take the quality of your grilling lightly. Equipped with 3 main burners featuring Accufire technology, this grill is ready to give you exceptional results with every dish you prepare. 

This Alfresco appliance offers the latest technology for your outdoor kitchen. Equipped with a MegaDrive™ infrared burner grilling system, it will cook your meats to perfection without burning them. Also, the Signature Taste™ system with a single burner and wood chips drawer will allow you to add a delicious smoky flavor to your dishes, taking your outdoor cooking experience to the next level. 

This grill is functional and visually stunning. Manufactured entirely of premium stainless steel, it incorporates a sealed hood and lid. Besides, high-intensity dual halogen lights provide excellent visibility, allowing you to cook as long as you like. 

It has a push-button ignition, is very easy to use, and sealed 110V AC power supply. To suit your preferences, you can upgrade this marvel with an optional standard or refrigerated cart, and it is available in both LP and natural gas. 

The Deluxe ALXE-56 is a grill for those looking for great outdoor cooking experiences. Its features and spacious cooking area are the perfect platform to build unforgettable moments of flavors with family and friends. 


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