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Wine lovers consider each bottle of wine a treasure. The processes involved in its production and the tradition behind it turn its fans into demanding guardians who dream of the possibility of having a cellar with a collection of the best grapes in their homes.


Is this possible? The market offers wine cooler options for all tastes and needs. However, if you are as meticulous with wines as you are with the appliances that you display at home, then the wine cooler you are looking for is none other than Thermador‘s T24IW905SP model.


Why this model? Because it fulfills the three basic requirements that the most demanding wine lovers want in a home wine cellar: an appliance where the bottles are well protected (from light, temperature, and vibration), a beautiful display of the bottles and the capacity to store a wide variety of them in a small space.



The treasure’s cabinet


Wine coolers are chosen based on their storage capacity. Wine aficionados know that this is one of the most neglected aspects by popular culture. A wine must be stored in a very particular way to ensure that its organoleptic properties remain intact, thus guaranteeing the beverage can be enjoyed at its best.


There are basic preservation rules that every wine expert knows, which the technology of wine coolers like Thermador’s T24IW905SP can provide. First of all, we are talking about an appliance that offers three independent temperature zones, which not only allow you to keep your collection of bottles in optimal conditions, but also to consume them at the right temperature.


Another great advantage of this Thermador appliance is its capacity. This 92-bottle cooler can be expanded to store up to 99 bottles, thanks to an additional shelf. But that’s not all.


One of the concerns of those who wish to create wine cellars in their homes is the control of sediment when storing wine. Fortunately, this Thermador wine cooler has diamond dowels. These are diamond-shaped wooden dowels that help control the sediment of wine by cradling bottles of all sizes to achieve stability and at the same time, allow you to enjoy your collection with an elegant presentation.

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And if that’s not enough, Thermador’s T24IW905SP can stand out in any room. Not only because of its sober design that you can install built-in and even without handles, thanks to the push-to-open technology of its door, but also because it is a quiet appliance (42 dBA) where you can display your treasured collection.


Last but not least, this Thermador wine cooler can be used as a column to store liquors, to have a table of cold meats or desserts ready to serve or simply to refrigerate soft drinks. You just have to configure the appliance for this purpose and that’s all (see full explanation).



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